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I don’t know what percentage of KABOOMERs are ancient history buffs. Without date-checking, I’d guess that my title line is about twenty-five centuries-old; a “300” from the Greco-Persian wars and specifically citing King Leonidas of Sparta’s city-state.

A rather violent, yet epic, movie was released 15 years ago about Spartan studliness (in both genders) and the Battle of Thermopylae.  Three hundred (300) Spartans – at least according to legend – defended a Grecian mountain pass for days despite daunting odds in the form of Xerxes’ Persian armies. A lone survivor escaped and told of the loss of 299 Spartans who were snuffed out in their youth.

Yet they were stoic examples of motion as medicine and resistance training and mind-body alignment for the same 4-Fs which are in our modern makeup.  Spartans knew their odds of survival in ancient life. Now, we have a fairly good sense of our survival without hand-to-hand combat. Yet mortality factors of environmental pollution, pandemics, and poor lifestyles adversely impact our fighting odds.

  • Then, overwhelming numbers challenged Spartans. Persian “storm” troopers took down Leonidas and his men.
  • Today, CoVid challenges Americans to fight tiny microbes with the best immunity factors we can muster.
    • Get daily sunlight, restorative sleep, exercise, chill rather than stress. Eat clean and laugh.

A quarter-million Americans have lost their battles. Vaccines, as technological advances may help stem this SARS invader tide. Until miracle vaccines get to us to recede the tides – we should rely on our Respect and Honor as Leonidas’ Spartans did.

Respect prudent practices, such as hand-washing and mask-wearing, and avoiding Darwinian follies for gathered masses.

Honor leaders’ rules, regardless of their temporary personal weight. Despite Covid “battle” fatigue, DO NOT:

eat emotionally, have just one more nightcap, or let down your guard.

With respect and honor,

Koach Dave

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