300 – Part 2

by | Nov 21, 2020

Yesterday’s “300” weblog highlighted ways to emulate Spartans’ RESPECT and HONOR in order to help us weather this pandemic – together.

Today’s Part 2 for the number 300 is about a KABOOMER’s daily energy equation to favorably impact her or his Physical Bank Account:

Estimated Calorie Requirements (in kilocalories) for Each Gender and Age Group at Three Levels of Physical Activity.

Gender                           Age         Sedentary             Moderate               Very Active                                                                                                        Activity

Female 51+ 1,600 1,800 2,000 – 2,200

Male            51+ 2,000 2,200 – 2,400 2,400 – 2,800

Source: HHS/USDA Dietary Guidelines for Americans: 2005

A difference of Three hundred dietary calories (KCAL) at the end of a day can lead to a sustained shedding of 1 pound of dangerous white fat in 2 weeks. Two pounds a month is possibly 24 pounds a year in theory. Spoiler alert – No Madison Avenue quick fixes or elixirs are needed.

In practice, a combined little less intake and a little more thermogenic output (from activities of daily life, N E A T, restorative sleep, and exercise) can lead to disciplined and “keep it off” loss of evil fat.

Working this very manageable daily change is good at any time of year, yet positive change is especially poignant in the Winter Holiday seasons such as our abnormal 2020 Holiday season which starts next week on GOBBLE until YOU WOBBLE DAY….Don’t fall into a happens-all-too-often trap as endorsed by one lifestyle expert, Mae West

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Too much good food at a feast is NOT wonderful.  Rather, Good food is wonderful when just enough is eaten and enjoyed.

  1. Avoid fatty weight gain through the Holidays
  2. Plan the volume, intensity, and tempo of your regular workouts to impact that energy equation, and
  3. Establish healthy portion control and clean eating habits to lose weight from central obesity tendencies.

Folks who study diets and lifestyle state that an average adult gains two pounds from each Winter Holiday season. Oy!

It’s not just your Koach that asserts it is possible to avoid fatty weight gain from Turkey Day through Twelfth Night each year.  A certain University with VERITAS as its motto, named after John HARVARD, offers prudent and practical fat avoidance hacks: Note to selves, “it would take approximately eight minutes of walking or four minutes of running to burn off the calories in 5 tablespoons of gravy.”

As you may recall from KABOOMER, experts suggest an 80/20 rule for a viable ratio of clean-eating days to less stringent and more festive days – episodically.  About 4 Days as “good girls and boys EATING TO LIVE”, then one day for “living to eat” make for a working “300” Plan over time.

Feast Days are our fine days to sip extra cool clear water regularly, munch on very low-calorie and low-GI fruits and vegetables, and repeat after  Koach: Portions, Portions, Portions! Remember that it isn’t the entree that is loaded with less healthy macronutrients of fat and simple sugars.  It is the side dishes, trimmings, and most desserts!

300 KCAL of Energy?!

Savvy folks at Shape.com offer effective circuit workouts to offset one’s possible  Holiday demi-binge. Row Houses offer Turkey Burn Hours of Power. I am honored to lead one of those Burns next Thursday in Solana Beach, CA! Come for the Playlist – leave with at least a 300 KCAL offset to the Feast!

A fine summary from our National Institute of Health is germane. As a taxpayer – I’m fine with quoting at length 🙂 to help your kin and you work that 300 ENERGY BALANCE throughout this Holiday season.

“…you can either reduce your ENERGY IN or increase your ENERGY OUT. Doing both is the best way to achieve and maintain YOUR healthy body weight.

  • Here are some ways to cut 150 calories (ENERGY IN):
    • Drink water instead of a 12-ounce regular soda
    • Order a small serving of French fries instead of a medium, or order a salad with dressing on the side instead
    • Eat an egg-white omelet (with three eggs), instead of whole eggs
    •  Use tuna canned in water (6-ounce can), instead of oil
  • Here are some ways to burn 150 calories (ENERGY OUT), in just 30 minutes (for a 150-pound person):
    • Shoot hoops
    • Walk two miles
    • Do yard work (gardening, raking leaves, etc.)
    • Go for a bike ride
    • Dance with your family or friends.”

Here’s to your best possible Holiday season.

Mastering your personal Energy Equation will help you party past ninety.  Trust the NIH and me!

Koach Dave

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