Avoid Holiday Pain & #Covidiots

by | Dec 2, 2020

Greetings, KABOOMERs as we embark on our 12th-month adventure of 2020!?

From this mustached guy, adieu MOVEMBER.  From this donor – THANKS to ALL who gave some time, talent, and/or treasure for # Giving Tuesday.

If we were to believe some of the Holiday hype we are besieged by – “It’s the Most Wonderful Time of the Year.

With luck, skill, and timing – many of us can and will keep our hearts glowing!

Here’s a public service reminder for pain avoidance to help us calibrate Physical Banking steps to take both seriously and whimsically this Holiday season:

Credit: Harvard Health

Motion is Good Medicine!

Good folks at Harvard Health say so, as do I as your Koach. No matter how cold and dark your days and night may appear, you can mitigate or avoid creaky joints with judicious and habitual movements

Laugh often as part of your Immunity Boosts!

And, you definitely want to avoid #COVIDIOTS – right?

Move your joints through their best ranges of motion to stay limbered up for whatever physically distanced festivities you can muster!


Consider me “on-call” for these Holidays to help you in your Most Wonderful Times of the Year!


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