KABOOMERs in our new Age of Aquarius

by | Dec 9, 2020

What Boomer doesn’t seek a feel-good boost these pandemic days?  As we might recall, the Simpsons did:

Simpsons Age of Aquarius


And, so did that wonderful -70s group – the  5th Dimension with lyrical “Golden living dreams of visions”!

As one who peeks at the Heavens and who occasionally clicks on astrology weblinks, I offer this rare occurrence as a feel-good Transformation.  Thanks to wellandgood.com and wanderlust.com for enlightening me about this Conjunction junction!

One quoted astrologer – Alexandria Lettman (of Soul Unity) offers this:

“What’s especially interesting about this Conjunction is that it’s unfolding in an air sign, more specifically Aquarius. …This means that the underlying themes of the Aquarius Great Conjunction will be resilience, liberation, and replacing toxic systems with healthier, inclusive, and unifying alternatives,” Lettman says.

She predicts the Great Conjunction of 2020 will bring about karma-rooted developments; innovations in science, medicine, and technology; and a general step away from rigid perspectives and favor of forming our own paths.”


What’s NOT to like about the positive prospects for us KABOOMERs in this very rare Age of Aquarius?  KABOOM for “Your Vision!”

With a shameless promotion, perhaps a KABOOMER almanac could be that ruminated and digested Book to which Francis Bacon referred:

“Some books should be tasted, some devoured, but only a few should be chewed and digested thoroughly.”

As we approach this astrological, dawning Age of Aquarius, why not form your own path with a healthier lifestyle?

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As we anticipate a new dawning, Let Nothing You dismay!

As always – you are welcomed to Join the KABOOMER Movement by texting WP40 to # 41259.  You’ll receiver regular tips and hacks to help you on your Aquarian quest.

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