by | Dec 14, 2020

Right you are, KABOOMERS.  I’m following our last Right Stuff tribute to Chuck Yeager with this accolade for another larger than life hero – Louis “Unbroken” Zamperini.

Both Louis and Chuck were flyboys in World War II.  Both inspired many on their stamininety journeys until each slipped the “surly bonds of earth” for the last time at age 97.

Laura Hillenbrand wrote about Zamperini’s odyssey (as a 1936 Olympian and POW) in her 2010 bestselling book – UNBROKEN. Angelina Joline then directed a 2014 movie of the same name. Do listen to both the director and the actor who played Zamperini as they speak of soul, selfless sacrifice, and community support in challenging times.

Zamperini was NOT born exceptional, according to Joline.  And, Louie offered that his youth days were “average, rotten” until he found his calling as a distance runner.   Then, he became exceptional in strength, human spirit, and will on tracks of life, in 47 days at sea, and then in despicable prison camps.

We are in a different war than these 2 studs endured. Yet ours is still very much a deadly war. An extended battle in which inner resolve and never quit mindsets can help us to win – together. We KABOOMERS can unite behind these compelling words of Louie Zamperini in our own CoVID conflict:

“If you can take it – – – YOU can make it.”

In this abnormal year, I join many with stints of Zoom fatigue, four-walls of temporary isolation, and communal concerns for our communities – small businesses, at-risk populations, mask wearers, and those who choose not to don them. Perhaps we can discover more human spirit, will, and strength to keep on keepin’ on.

Perhaps these two Greatest Generation stalwarts – Yeager and Zamperini –   can help others like you and me MAKE IT to our finish lines.

As we approach the 12-day countdown to The TWELVE DAYS OF CHRISTMAS – I suggest that KABOOMERS read or watch both:


My Navy SEAL buddies whisper that the only easy day was yesterday. Do dwell on that UNeasy warrior pearl as you order these two awesome reads. Or search for them on streaming video.  And while shopping, you might even consider another gift that keeps on giving:

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I’ll exit this blog stage with this provocative headline of writer and psychologist, Alison Gopnik, in the 8/29/2020 weekend edition of the Wall Street Journal:


Amen! She closes her MIND & MATTER column with this,

“the unexpected, even the tragic, can have transformative power.

As a great Leonard Cohen song says, it’s the cracks that let the light come in.”

Let’s do our exceptional, darndest to find transformative power and richness in these unexpected and tragic days. We CAN MAKE IT – together.

With unbroken hope and strength…

Koach Dave


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