On this Day-Make History

by | Dec 16, 2020

Thinking of December sixteenths in history – I can pinpoint two extraordinary anniversaries that still impact our topsy-turvy world…

  1. Brewer patriots had their Boston Tea Party in 1773.  We know what those rebel yells led to!
  2. The Battle of the Bulge began on this date in 1944 around the quaint town of Bastogne, Belgium.  When life was precarious for our fabled, yet outmanned and outgunned 101st Airborne, General A. McAuliffe offered one of the mojo mottos of all time – “Surrender?  NUTS!”

That, as we look in our rearview mirrors, is history. Now, a rhetorical query time . . . 

Is there a Better time spot to start our own EXTRAordinary history channels?

Think of these pandemic Christmas, Kwanzaa, Hanukkah, and Festivus days as best ever times to establish the important differences between ordinary and extraordinary performance.

If not me, who?  If not now, when?

Recall how I differentiated between two notional Baby Boomers – Decent Deb and Great George in KABOOMER.

Sure, Decent Deb did her minimum and hoped for better days.  Great George stretched for a little bit EXTRA to stay EXTRAordinary.

  • George’s Gym or Fitness Age is far lower than his calendar age.  And that can be exciting personal history.

Many of us can stretch out to build our extraordinary physical banker portfolios too!  Trust your Koach.

Listen to your Koach, too, finding discretionary time to invest in an information-rich podcast or two. We could be seeing an added DECADE of your personal history – and a quality-filled history – as your Physical Bank Portfolio grows.  KABOOM.

This podcast is also available on other major podcast portals – Apple, Google Play…

My analog calendar advises me that we’ve got just eight days and a wake-up until Christmas 2020.  What better time will there be to write your non-fiction greatness?

Be a KABOOMER EXTRAordinaire! Strive to be a Great George. Find your “NUTS” chutzpah like McAuliffe did. Yes, You Can!

/s/ Koach Dave

ps – if you’re looking for one more Gift that keeps on Giving – check the paperback, audio, and eBOOK variants of KABOOMER: Thriving and Striving into your Nineties.

Gift that keeps on Giving


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