Julmust Lagom

by | Dec 20, 2020

Greetings for wintry wonders as we (finally) bid adieu to a most abnormal year!

Are you wondering what my blog title – Julmust Lagom – means?  If you are not of Scandinavian descent – you might think that I misplaced or lost my marbles.

Julmust is Sweden’s Christmas “Coke.”

Lagom is an awesome Swedish word with real meaning for us KABOOMERS:

balanced, paced, and low-fuss.

Credit: Etsy

Now, as you get it “just right” – enjoy GLOGG (the Swedish mulled wine), and/or try a Swedish “snapsvisor” drinking tune – for non-fermented Julmusts, or schnapps[snap], aquavit, or another Svenska adult beverage to warm your cheeks as our thermometers dip.

Advisory – if Eggnog is your Christmas warm-up of choice: remember the added sugar, raw eggs, and total KCAL when something with proof is added!  Moderate and portion control – please…

I love Sweden – that northern exposure nation known for its:

  1. pre-fab furniture,
  2. fine (though pricey) automobiles,
  3. a pristine capital city, and
  4. the pop group, ABBA.

I admired Sweden when her small patrol gunboats ushered “my” USN Frigate a little further beyond territorial limits. I admired the Swedes for their “Whiskey on the Rocks” denial of a Soviet Submarine in the Cold War that we boomers endured.

I truly love what Friluftsliv entails for the outdoor-oriented lifestyles of many people in this Scandinavian country!

Credit: Forbes.com

Friluftsliv isn’t competitive; it’s simply a chance to get outside and enjoy nature—winter or summer, day or night, rain or shine, mud, sleet, or snow.”  Amen.

Hmmm… Could Lagom and this Frilufsliv way of life be a possible reason why Swedes live longer than Americans?

Life Expectancy (2015)

Sweden 82.3 years  

USA    78.9 years  

Sure, there isn’t a single factor in population mortality studies.  Yet this Koach believes that lifestyle IS a longevity factor!  Three+ years of living longer and better is another thousand rises-and-shines to make this world a better place- Right?

Call to Action: Go Get your outdoor-oriented, balanced low-fuss bonus of a THOUSAND days!

Swedes aren’t perfect (just check on the fate of the warship VASA). Yet, they love nature, excel in winter activities, and have Christmas customs which are near and dear to this Scotch-English admirer.  Doesn’t Helan Gar sound more festive than “chug-a-lug” or “bottoms-up?” I’m not promoting big-headed binge drinking in the 212 days of XMAS.  Rather, I am suggesting that singing and convivial party tunes are good for our mindsets, de-stressing, and constitutions…  Note to self – Helen Gar my 4 oz low-calorie Eggnog as I check for coal in my stocking this Friday 🙂

Yes, Buts are verboten.  We are blessed with cold-weather clothing that can be very affordable. Yes, AND winter moves are great moves.  KABOOM.

Some of us, like me, have a slighter higher Neanderthal code in us  – honest!  There are indeed some downsides to our slightly higher Neanderthal roots (like being prone to depression). Speaking of age-and health-sapping depression – – – Swedes of Boomer Age have lower depression rates than do we Americans. Right! A lower incidence of depression, according to statista.com and NiH.gov sources, despite much longer winter nights in Scandinavia. One common note about elder depression in our comparative countries: Women are more prone to depression than us men. Oy.

Credit: healthline.com

Here’s to your”just right” Lagom in the healthy seasons ahead!

If I can help your balance, pace, and fuss-not lifestyle levels as you begin your Nuevo Ano – please Call me – Maybe.

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