Twelve Days of KABOOMER Fitness

by | Dec 27, 2020

Stay Strong

Twas hard to resist this most wonderful (?!) time of year and a Holiday carol to reinforce numbers in your Physical Bank Account… KABOOM.

On this Third Day of Christmas;

  1. I offer a Dozen Physical Banking Hacks, a local Boxing Day tune, and an acronym for Aging Wellness – GRAPES.

2. I share with you one of my favorite BOXING DAY tunes – by a local San Diego Group – Blink 182.

When it comes to your KABOOMER wellness – it is always good to recall these BLINK lyrics:

“Reignite like fireflies, like an atom bomb
At all hours…”

As we bid adieu to 2020 – here’s my challenge to you . . .  REIGNITE to Thrive and Strive!


3. Compliments of San Diego County’s Aging and Independence group, and Kim Gallo  – please take these noble GRAPES to heart and action for your Roarin’ Twenty decade:

G – Gratitude

   R – Relax

     A – Appreciate

       P – Pleasure

         E – Exercise   and

           S – Socialize.

As Ms. Gallo offers,

aim to keep perspective and to introduce healthy
and balanced thoughts throughout the day.
…Regardless of how we feel in any
given moment, we can make the choice to take action that
aligns with our values. For example, if health is something
you value, there may be small steps you can take to look after
your health in regard to exercise, diet, sleep, or alcohol use…”

On this ultimate Sunday in a most unusual year – GRAPES is a darned good homily.

Should you not find a FEELING FIT or Silver Sneakers Hui nearby – >

do START YOUR OWN group to help you party past 90!

Stay well past forty,

Koach Dave



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