7 significant Sevens on 7th Day of Christmas

by | Jan 1, 2021

Okay, okay… Today may be better known as New Year’s Eve and National Champagne Day. I hope you’ll enjoy both as much as I will.  Auld Lang Syne!

Our Arabic number seven (7) has long captivated and inpired folks of many cultures… 


Number Seven is the most popular number picked when folks are asked to name their FAVE… Pinball machines and dice games often celebrate LUCKY SEVENS…And there is even a ballad called LUCKY SEVENS by The Mechanism band:

“Well, the Lucky Sevens, they rule the streets
The dice are loaded an’ they play for keeps
The fire burns bright
In the cool, dark night
When the Sevens are in luck.”

Let’s ponder 7 Sevens with relevance for  KABOOMERS on this ultimate day of a calendar year which many sources offer was horrible, awful, and tragic.  Let’s create our own luck, good fortune and rule our streets as we play for keeps!

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Unplanned pandemic deaths of both commoners and big-name personae added up to natural mortality causes to make 2020 a deadly numbers year.  Since Thanksgiving, our great nation has said goodbye – every day – to mortal numbers that exceed either Pearl Harbor or 9/11/2001 World Trade Center deaths.

Munch: The SCREAM British Museum Blog

I tried to do my part with public service announcements in this weblog and in varied podcasts for HANDS, MASKS, and SPACING [H-M-S].

Credit: gov.uk

I suspect that many who dislike these personal privacy matters will queue up for vaccines just the same when their category is called upon?! Short term symptoms and long-tail awful afters make COVID-19 our once-a century plague.  But I digress . . .

On this Seventh Day of Christmas – even if you can’t locate:

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  1. Our First Seven – let’s start with those “7 S” elements of your KABOOMER’s Physical Bank. Six pluses and one thief – STRESS.

Credit: KABOOMER: Thriving and Striving into your 90s

2. Seven #2 – The 7 Deadly Sins.  Many boomers remember Gilligan’s Island as do I.  One of 2020’s big names CoVID-19 deaths was Dawn Wells: the actress who played Mary Anne in that hit show. Do you buy into a linkage of 7 Gilligan’s Island castaways to the “Seven Deadly Sins” as fact? Even a trusted radio channel (NPR) argued for a dark side to this comedy.

Mary Ann represented ENVY as a Sin. Do you know what Koach Dave offers about this sin?

  • Don’t Envy or covet other’s success or good fortune.
  • Do invest and gain your unique assets for your own physical bank.  And, be grateful as you build your chart of accounts.

NPR writer, Lindsay Totte, made a key observation which reflects Tom Cahill’s “YOU VERSUS YOU” predicament which many find in themselves,

“…each of us has our own inner Gilligan, that sweet-natured, well-meaning part of us that

always sabotages us from getting what we really want.”

Perhaps we can ask ourselves 7 questions as we start the Roaring 20s tomorrow on 01/01/2021:

  1. What do I really want?
  2. What stands in my way from gaining that?
  3. How can I look at the man or woman in the mirror as a Gainer?  Note:  This Gainer meaning comes sfrom the Cambridge Dictionary, rather than the Urban Dictionary!  I’m not speaking of weight gain…
  4. Am I committed to working on my livingto100 calculator?
  5. Will I lower my fitness age to party past ninety?
  6. Do I place as much focus on my Physical Bank accounts as I do on my fical 401(K) accounts?
  7. Do I live a Stamininety mantra that MOTION is MEDICINE?

3. Third Seven (not to be confused with that regional bank – Fifth Third…)

Mimic Morpheus with about seven hours of restorative sleep.  Reboot your Sleep habits with KABOOMER hacks, and/or check out credible Sleep Science!

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4. Seven Characteristics can keep you STRONG, emotionally STRONG, to max out your Mind-Body-Alignment (what your Koach called “MBA”).  Consider these 7 KABOOMER life skills that can help you and me in our activities of daily life:

a. Motivation

b. Empathy

c. Self Realization

d, Gratitude

e. Persistence

f. Humor, and

g. Be Like CELEBS (see your Stress-not Chapter of KABOOMER for details).

5. Seven possible Epitaphs of Luminaries who departed us in 2020:

  • Outrageous – Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg
  • Shaken Not Stirred – Sean Connery
  • Unbeaten – Dolphins Coach Don Shula
  • The Answer Is – Gameshow host Alex Trebek
  • See Clearly – Singer Johnny Nash
  • Supersonic – Chuck Yeager
  • Good Trouble – Congressman John Lewis

6. Seven Gauges of KABOOMER Gym or Fitness Age

a. Walking speed (1 or 1.5 miles timed)

b. Grip Strength

c. Sit Reach Test

d. Sit-to-Rise Challenge

e.Eyes closed, One Leg Stands for Time

“In the standing on one leg with eyes closed test, men and women were able to hold the position for less than two seconds were three times more likely to die before the age of 66 than those who could hold it for 10 seconds or more”

f. Shoulder Girdle Strength –

g. Crunches or Bent LEg Situp (or equivalent Core exercises if a KABOOMER has lower back issues)

7. Seven Work(out) from Home Necessities

a. Sweatpants (the new office casual attire for Pandemics)

b. Non-BPA water bottles

c. Comfy and cozy slippers or wild socks

d. Get outside for your Vitamin D3 – whenever, wherever…

e. Get in touch with Nature

f.  Take warm, Epsom-slat baths (adding essential oils if you desire) – 90 minutes before shutout time

g. Celebrate each daily orbit as best you can while acknowledging that you can’t change why bad things can happen to nice folks.


I wish I was in Pasadena for a Tournament of Roses spectacle tomorrow. Shucks. And, the Rose Bowl may be re-christened the Yellow Rose of Texas Bowl – Shucks again.

Tomorrow is a blessed WRAP!  Peggy Noonan’s premier summary of a most horrible year can be read here.  Yet, KABOOMERs are glasses-half-full types, and we NEVER WASTE CRISES…

Here’s to vaccines, public health, America’s common good, gratitude, and KABOOMing in our imminent New Year. And – here’s to your Significant leverage of MOST THINGS SEVEN (skipping ENVY as a Deadly Sin) to Party Past Ninety.


Koach Dave

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