Inside Out Signals

by | Jan 5, 2021

What’s Going On?

‘Tis odd, one might argue, that this early New Year’s entry is NOT about habits, resolutions, or listed platitudes about fitness jump-starts.

My intent is to cite known signs of what might be going on inside Boomer bodies by what can be viewed on the outside.  [We might discuss Upside Downs in a future post – so stay tuned].

A. First, Let’s discuss a relevant “inside” topic in our extending pandemic – Immunity.

  1. You may know that Vitamin C is a powerful anti-oxidant and metabolic superstar for protein synthesis, iron absorption, and the generation of collagen. Isn’t it interesting that other mammals can generate Vitamin C internally, yet humans cannot?  Thus, “C” is an essential micronutrient for us Homo Sapiens. As a natural disease and inflammation fighter (when absorbed properly), this water-soluble vitamin helped Linus Pauling win a Nobel Prize in Chemistry.
  • I hope you recall that ingestion and absorption of Vitamin C are optimal from digesting wholesome foods – like yellow peppers or kiwis or strawberries or citrus fruits – rather than from pills.

Is there a quick “outside” check on subjective Vitamin C levels in your body?  Yes. 

As advises, “fingernails can say a lot about your health.

  • If one’s fingernails have high crowns, rather than flat surfaces; and if the fingernails are smooth rather than bumpy – one’s absorbed Vitamin C levels should be good. Thus the ability to counter free radicals or body “rust” is probably good.
    • Conversely, if fingernails are brittle, flattened – with or without bumpy ridges – perhaps you need to absorb more Bs and C! We need our bodily collagen, and we may need help in collagen production as we age…

I have NO professional relationship with the biopharmaceutical company NuSkin. Yet I m aware of its Biophotonic Scanner which can assess absorbed anti-oxidants in our skin with a simple Raman Spectroscopy scan.  I believe that this patented scanner is a credible indicator of relative immunity and a body’s ability to counteract oxidative free radicals…

B. Outside Observance #2.

Did you ever see an older person with gnarly looking toenails which may be colored yellow? Or unsightly black? Or white?

Credit: Mayo Clinic

I’m not asking about another topical fungus that can cause itchy, cracky athlete’s foot fungus. I’m asking because some fungal infections are sadly more than topical.  Those just might be what the podiatrists and specialists label “invasive” fungal infections which can be deadly.  Just check Dr. Google for Candida as a potentially deadly invasive fungal infection! Or, as the Mayo Clinic advises, the toenail fungus may hang around for way too long.

In my case; before getting an expert tootsy opinion, I used a general fungicide cream called KETOCONAZOLE for my whitened and thickened great toenails. No luck!  Why?  My toes were fighting more serious fungal infections than topical treatments could dispatch.

Now, there many marketed toenail “remedies” – from cinnamon to laser treatments. Your Koach shouts encouragement to address toenail issues! He also flashes his Buyer Beware sign to caution folks to vet potential treatments.

To reinforce a call to action to increase awareness of topical AND invasive fungal infections, I offer this quote from C.A.Kauffmann’s 2001 infectious disease  article, “Invasive fungal infections have become an increasing problem in older adults.”

Here’s hope that you don’t experience “an increasing problem!”

Are there other Inside-Out Signs of possible Deficiency(ies)?  “You betchum, Red Ryder!”

Dr. David Jockers and I implore KABOOMERs to “be in tune” and mindful of bodily feedback to support extended wellness and fitness.

Here are five more body signs of dietary/nutritional needs for bodies to address toxins, stress, and aging:

  1. Hair Loss and Skin Rash – A top cause is inadequate Vitamin B-7 (Biotin). “Eat foods rich in biotins such as almonds, sweet potatoes, raspberries, nuts, mushrooms, avocados, cauliflower, and wild-caught salmon.”
  2. Teeth, Tongue, Lips, and Gums – Surprise on Not – inadequate micronutrients: Vitamin Bs, C, D, and minerals are probable cause for many inside out ORAL Health problems! Note: “phytate containing foods such as grains, legumes, and nuts.  These phytic acids bind to minerals like zinc and iron and reduce our ability to absorb them.”
  3. Muscle Cramps (not Restless Leg Syndrome). The top 3 root causes are deficient absorption of Magnesium, Phosphorous, and Calcium.  We Boomers probably ingest adequate Sodium, which can be a secondary cramping contributor.  Perhaps some of you can recall taking too many “salt pills” in hot and sweaty football practices – before the days of sports replenishment drinks… As motion to sweat is one of our physical banking deposits – KABOOMERS should strive to remediate, or in some cases eliminate major leg cramps induced by mineral (electrolyte) shortages.  I’m tanked up on mineral absorption, yet I can still get cramps after heavy resistance training sessions – like our representative Great George in KABOOMER :).

                4. Itchy Red Rashes, Acne & Blemishes. Stress may contribute to temporary or chronic outbreaks.  Dr. “J” advises, “Learning if your skin blemishes are caused by a lack of adequate nutrients in your diet may be the first step to fixing your problem.  The most common nutritional deficiencies with these conditions include fat-soluble nutrients such as vitamin A, vitamin D, and vitamin E.  Also, omega 3 fatty acids and Gamma-linoleic acid (GLA) are key for healthy skin.”

5. Abnormal Sensations in Your Hand(s) or Feet.  Again quoting Dr. Jockers (can you guess that I am a follower?): “minor and seemingly insignificant symptoms can be a sign of a serious health problem.” Deficiencies in Three B Vitamins are often associated with  tingling limbs:

  1. B6
  2. B9 (Folate)
  3. B12


I marvel at how well our “encore-aged” bodies and body regions can trick folks into thinking that we’re younger than our calendar years.  KABOOM!

Being aware of layman signs on our outsides may help us “feed our Tiger” with adequately absorbed micro-nutrients inside to make most of us look and feel better (and younger too).

Happy 2021!



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