Time for Milk?

by | Jan 13, 2021

What better day to pen healthy thoughts about Leche or Lait or Dugdh or Halav [or Milk]  than today as National Milk Day?

America’s dairy farmers will love us more :).

True Dat:  We humans are alone among mammals; consuming milk after our baby and early toddler phases.

Obviously, Mamma’s milk is a WHOLE FOOD with macronutrients, micros, and water to help a baby or toddler grow.  Think of two key proteins: whey and casein. And carbohydrates. Plus vital CALCIUM. Consider the table of nutritional information here:

Three quick comments about those main proteins in milk:

  1. Whey is quicker for humans to digest.
  2. Casein is slower-acting.
  3. Each has about the same replenishment merit after a KABOOMER’s athletic performance.

Sadly, some infants, youths, teens, and adults have trouble digesting natural milk. Our  National Institute of Health suggests that 30 million to 50 million Americans may have this difficulty.  Lactose intolerance from cow’s milk and possibly other dairy products can be problematic. If a human’s small intestine [“gut”] produces insufficient amounts of an enzyme called Lactase – bloating, gas, diarrhea, and other side effects happen when milk’s sugar isn’t absorbed. Oy.

Intolerance is NOT Equal!

We have more trouble with lactase production and digesting milk’s lactose as we age. Some ethnic groups have it tougher. Some unfortunate folks with digestional problems, perhaps Crohn’s Disease have sadder experiences with dairy foodstuffs. And, some folks enduring cancer treatments may also have higher

I worry if folks think that “substitute” milk – such as almond or soy “milks” are relied upon for macronutrients.  These “healthy” substitutes usually lack the quality and quantity of protein macros that the real thing offers.  Micros – generally – yes.  Macros – not so much…  Please be a canny label reader to know what you’re ingesting.

For the majority of baby boomers – Dairy products are wonderful nutrition.  Think Bone Density, particularly for lady boomers.  Think of Muscle metabolism. Think Energy Density of foodstuffs.

If you asked a National Team rower what is a near-perfect drink after a tough practice – you’d probably get the answer – Chocolate Milk.  Guess what Koach Dave drinks after a tough session or between multiple daily workouts?  Right you are.

You can choose a low-fat version of an excellent replenishment drink if wanted or needed. I enjoy my 2% fat chocolate milk – regularly. Low-fat milk has a great ratio of protein to carbohydrates. And, it tastes good to me.

What about raw, unpasteurized milk?  I have trouble digesting raw milk.  I believe that others, like author Mike Geary, can drink raw milk safely (without high alarm for bacterial infection). We got to now from forbears that drank raw milk before Louis Pasteur and Franz von Soxhlet did their “heated” magic 130 years ago.

Tuberculosis was a demographic killer!

My choice? I’ll stay with pasteurized milk that is WITHOUT added chemicals.

On the subject of other beverages:  many folks have bought into a”DRY” January for possible health reasons.  More power to those who choose to skip a social cocktail or a post-workout brew.  Do Blue ZOME centenarians generally go DRY in their January months?  I think not.  The root question for each of us is this:

What is our motivation for imbibing?

If COVID and dark wintry days cause an adult to experience downward moodiness, then a Dry Month can help some skip alcohol and a coping crutch.

As Satchel Paige offered, moderate, moderate, moderate... I once read of an American centenarian’s approach:

Have one social drink a night.  So make it a GOOD one :).

Your choice.

If you’re a podcast fan, here are some new audio chats between some great hosts and yours truly.

Yes, the titles seem a bit eclectic.

Yet I’m still the same KOACH…

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Be safe!

Koach Dave

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You just might find a way or three to add years to your life and life to your years.  KABOOM



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