Healthy Waist to Hip Ratios for KABOOMERs

by | Jan 28, 2021

I commend to you this blog post about Waist to Hip Ratios (WHR).

Why?  Body Mass Indices (BMI) do not credibly gauge healthy body composition for many Americans – female and male.  If you are a muscular, “big boned” KABOOMER – BMI might label you as a statistically overweight or fat person, even though your measired body fat is impressively low!

Most of our body dimensions and ratios shapes are different than Barbie’s hourglass figure or and Ken’s ectomorph physique. Yet – most of us can and should strive to be more “Pear-like” rather than Apple-shaped. Repeat after your Koach:  Good Pears, Bad Apples!

Good Pear         Bad Apple! BAD Apple!

Please know what your WHR is, and try to keep it “low” as suggested by this credible Table from a dated yet credible  2008 World Health Organization report:

Table A1: World Health Organization cut-off points and risk of metabolic complications
Indicator                                        Cut-off points                                              Risk of metabolic complications
Waist circumference                     >94 cm (M); >80 cm (W)                            Increased
Waist circumference                     >102 cm (M); >88 cm (W)                          Substantially increased
Waist–hip ratio                              ≥0.90 cm (M); ≥0.85 cm (W)                     Substantially increased
M, men; W, women

Assuming that we KABOOMERs want to avoid or mitigate Metabolic Complications from central fat – we must know the risks and work to change our WHRs.  Click here to gauge your WHR:


Waist to Hip Ratio vs BMI: Why You Might Discount One “Mass” Measurement



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