Physically Banking on a strong 69th Lap

by | Feb 26, 2021

Ah – the days of American Heart Awareness Month and Black History Month are waning as are remaining days ’til springtime.

And now, another Anniversary (#76) of that iconic WWII photograph snapped by Joe Rosenthal on Iwo Jima’s Mount Suribachi is in our rearview mirrors.

– May this great land always find such men and women like these six to guard our democratic way of life!

I am a bit of a laggard for this post, as my Moderna vaccination #2 and family issues were front-burner items.

That is a bit more technicolor proof that SHIP Happens! 

Oh – and my 68th birthday celebration included a 1/2 Marathon Indoor Row.

Credit: Zazzle

Family members and many friends truly made the start of my 69th solar lap one of the best days of my life. More about my contemplations and introspective thoughts about physical banking in a bit.  Stay tuned, please.

Onward! My wife and I can now count ourselves among fortunate CALI “seniors” who have received their double-barrel COVID vaccinations. As one of my informal public service announcements – I offer this fine ATLANTIC weblink for what vaccinations do not and DO mean for each and all:

“When deciding what you can and can’t do, you should think less about your own vaccination status,

and more about whether your neighbors, family, grocery clerks, delivery drivers, and friends are still vulnerable to the virus…

Getting vaccinated means that your choices no longer endanger you much, but they still might make you a risk to everyone else.”

As we individually and collectively near the one-year anniversary of our Patient “0” death from COVID-19; I recall and relay a public service reminder:

We can through this TOGETHER.

An Encore Performance?

Now, for my introspection and contemplation as I gauge the last third of a wonderful life. Circling back briefly to a Marine hero who didn’t survive Iwo Jima – Sergeant John Basilone.  As this Medal of Honor recipient led from the front across black sands, he challenged his Marines to respect their enemies.

In a far different, yet functionally same manner, I reflect today that I respect three insidious “Ss” of aging:

  1. Sarcopenia
  2. Senescence
  3. Senility.

I don’t fear any or all of this devilish trio. Yet I respect what any of these “Ss” or all can do to devastate an elder and possibly here or his family members and friends.

Holding each of these “Ss” at bay with motion as medicine, accident insurance, mind-body alignment, and the other elements of our KABOOMER Physical Bank –

I want these climactic last years of mine to be special.  They will be if I can inspire others to Join the KABOOMER Movement, to thrive and strive longer than many of our peers.  As I’ve written and shared in many podcasts, it is my goal to be a notable mortality outlier in Social Security actuarial numbers.

Sure, what I do can seem like work.  Yet, work is the basis of both Frosty banks – fiscal and physical!

I’ll close on this last Friday of February with a Hebraic good story (Godspell) phrase:  Live long and prosper.

Stay safe,

Koach Dave



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