Spring ahead – end your Pandemic “gap year”

by | Mar 23, 2021


Residents of our Northern Hemisphere just celebrated a vernal equinox.

  • Yeah for our Sun’s ascension to the equator – with our days and nights being equal in length.
  • Yeah for the thematic spirits of this spring season.
  • Yeah, with fervent hopes for “spirit of the age” or zeitgeist for a return to at least more normal lives after our unnatural Pandemic “GAP YEAR.”

What can folks do to help restore normalcy in their lives?

The best answers from your Koach are to:  Take your first steps with spring, be youthful in these sunny days, asap.  Freshen up your focus!

I hope that many of you can take those steps, either on your own, or co-opting a workout buddy, or by seeking a Coach.

Dan Gable, as a 1980 Olympic wrestling legend and Presidential Medal of Freedom awardee,  kindly offered his invaluable thoughts about Life and Coaching in this cameo:

Thanks, Coach!  I’m certain to seek a fuller life, looking ahead to new challenges in my encore years. I’ll remember my Gap Year, as I’m sure that you will.

Let’s remember that too much of a good thing, too quickly may NOT be wonderful.

Your and my encore-age journeys for fresh, springy steps and motion should be deliberate, measured, and safe.

Today’s Wall Street Journal column by Anne-Marie Chaker offered some easing reminders to get one’s MOJO back in our great outdoors.  Her summary observations and recommendations are totally in-stride with KABOOMER themes:

  1. Go Slowly
  2. Get your Rest
  3. Eat Clean nutrients
  4. Include resistance training, and
  5. Add variety as a good Mix-It-Up.


Koach Dave

Should you desire or need a Coach, as Champion Dan Gable suggested, please reach out for your FREE  Fitness and Wellness Orientation.





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