Spring, Senior Moments, and 10

by | Apr 12, 2021

P.S. I Miss You

I’m excited about this spring’s new romantic comedy titled “SENIOR MOMENT.” One of my favorite actors – Christopher Lloyd, supports the William Shatner character and the delightful Jean Smart in Palm Springs sagas.  I don’t know if these folks got their COVID vaccinations, yet I hope so.  Sometimes we boomers get an advantage over younger folks, according to Saturday Night Live

As an aside, I nearly played a cameo role in a sports movie with Christopher Lloyd and the notable James Gandolfini. Yet Galdolfini’s untimely death means that the Best Supporting Actor won’t be moi.   Stay tuned for a “10” movie cameo in a few paragraphs.

Just one more aside – – – March and April Madness.  John Wooden must be smiling after that ever-memorable semi-final game between GONZAGA and the UCLA Bruins.  That overtime thriller was one for the Ages!  As I share in my sport of Rowing when my crew doesn’t prevail; we didn’t lose, we just ran out of time…  Wowza!

Back to this Spring season and Senior Moments.  In a spirit of diversity, Equity and Inclusion, Urban Dictionary also defines “Millenial Moments.”  Yup…

As we advance in calendar years, most of us boomers wonder if we’re a bit more forgetful, or experiencing something worse.  In full and open disclosure, a client gave me a TILE device to help me find my car key after I missed her training session.  Oy… I remake a case that teenagers can also be forgetful.

Dementia Diseases

What we definitely do not want to have are chronic attention deficits that can be precursors to sad and costly dementia diseases, possibly the most common dementia called Alzheimer’s.  If a loved one or you seem to frequently forget where those reading glasses or car keys are  – please be proactive and address a potential life shortener before it is too late. If/when lapses of memory or cognitive failures impact one’s activities of daily life (ADL) – it is time to seek professional care.  As the Alzheimer’s Association advises,

“Professional evaluation may detect a treatable condition. And even if symptoms suggest dementia, early diagnosis allows a person to get the maximum benefit from available treatments…” 

Some of us are more pre-disposed to mental fog and forgetfulness than others.  We can’t choose better parents for our crystal clear mind-fit body alignment or misalignment that we inherited – right?

Yet, we do know that our brains function best when exercise and sleep keep those cranial blood vessels tuned.  As the British arm of Alzheimer’s non-profits advises, “regular exercise appears to be one of the best things that you can do to reduce your risk of getting dementia.”

I, as your KABOOMER KOACH, believe that counter-dementia focus on EXERCISE without questions.  Our amazing human brains need three basic inputs [oxygen, glucose, and restorative rest] to thrive, strive, and hopefully generate neuroplasticity, I implore all to take the appears to be one of the best things that you can do to reduce your risk of getting dementia theme of MOTION as MEDICINE seriously for your Encore Years.

Thrive and Strive

Should you hesitate to believe me, perhaps these perfect “10″ – Bo Derek’s – thoughts will inspire you:

Adding to Motion (exercise) – – –  other fun ways to keep our inner brain wires humming are; travel, mind games, and enjoying art forms (visual, musical).  You might have enjoyed the MASTER’s Golf Tournament this past weekend, with vicarious images of Augusta in springtime. And, I hope that you can soon enjoy Grand Masters artwork in not-too-distant travels. 

Don’t miss the Rijks Museum in lovely Amsterdam –  only 7300 kilometers from the Wall Drug Store in South Dakota     :).

You’ll have to Drive Route 16 in South Dakota to see for yourself if The Wall Drug Store is a liquor in the front and poker in the rear kinda place.

Fine Arts offer a wonderful way to stay mentally young.  As April 24th marks another birthday of the Bard, DO get to a Shakesperian play to celebrate timeless trials, triumphs, and yes – tribulations of amazing personae (take John Falstaff for example). Motion, laughter and the Arts are great for KABOOMER minds and bodies.  Don’t be strangers to them as we crawl out of our pandemic pot-hole…   And, watch “10” (if you like RAVEL music…) and SENIOR MOMENT this spring.

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