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by | Apr 23, 2021

Before getting to Groundedness and Earth Month ’21 matters – I tip my ballcap to Queen Elizabeth II. Her stately countenance at last week’s funeral for her husband prompted me to ponder, what’s next for this regal widow?  One answer was in a newspaper article this week. The Queen advised,

” If you stop…you drop.”

Amen.  I offer that this 95-years young ruler is indeed grounded, perhaps like a Beech which is considered to be the queen of native English trees.


Another leader I admire, Teddy Roosevelt, offered a groundedness challenge from his bully pulpit:

“TR” wasn’t just a rough rider, he was an outdoorsy visionary who established our National Park system. We don’t call him the Conservation President for nuttin :). We encore-aged folks get free access to most of our wonderful National Parks!

And, as our Down Under Friends offer, “The main aim is to keep your mind and body connected and working together.”


Mind Body Spirit

Credit: Twin Peaks – Mind Body Spirit are up to the Task!

Whether we seek to reduce emissions of carbon dioxide in our global village or stay on our personal journeys for mind-body alignment (aka stamininety) – let’s commit to groundedness to make the best of every moment.  And God Save the Queen!

Go barefooted often, breathe mindfully, and stay well past forty.

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