Hero or Villain?

by | May 10, 2021

Assuming that I caught your attention with this Good versus EVIL theme – the topic for today’s post is INFLAMMATION.

As you may know, I’ve been an author of monthly NFPT blog posts for almost a year…

My addressal of bodily inflammation as this good news / bad news is summarized in this image- – –

Isn’t it ironic that we desire the “right stuff” of just enough muscular inflammation from exercise to stimulate our cyclical process of repair and growth?  As your Koach, I argue that motion to sweat and musculoskeletal motion against resistance to create muscular “micro-tears” are fitness and wellness imperatives for one’s optimal GYM-SPAN.  I operationally define GYM-SPAN here for emphasis:

Gym-span is the expression for extended “gym age” or adjusted fitness age… clients can gain and maintain impressive Gym-spans by stimulating the “just right” degree of inflammation in workouts.” Then, conditional wellness steps can support that restorative process after induced short-term inflammation:

  • Adequate Rest
  • Appropriate absorption of macro-and micronutrients
  • Hydration, and
  • De-stressing to lower “drip-drip decay” caused by cortisol when cytokine messengers do NOT trigger a restore and grow process :(.

If you’d like to learn more about appropriate levels of motion and resisted efforts to offset sarcopenia and grow – please reach out to me:

Syat well past forty,

Koach Dave


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