Love is in the Air

by | May 10, 2021

Ah, Springtime… a prime season for flowers and frolicking.

As the classic 1978 Disco song written by Young and Vanda suggests about L O V E,

“it’s something that I must believe in
And it’s there when I look in your eyes…”

Believe it.

This post is rated PG – so don’t skip ahead to look for carnal knowledge or harlequin romance or specifics about Spring as a breeding season for mammals… With that spoiler alert offered, remember that “the stimulus to mate is the result of a photoperiodic response .., which is thought to be controlled by day length.”

Longer days and eventful pillow time in spring’s shorter nights?  Sounds like Love can indeed be in the air! We, as consenting adults, know, from KABOOMER and a million + books or scientific articles about wellness, that lovemaking can assuredly help a boomer live better, and perhaps live longer.

Yet, sexual health has a gazillion forces and factors at play that shape foreplay and more …from marketing billboards to bandicoot bedrooms.

As I wrote in KABOOMER, “sex” is what men do to relax, and women need to relax to do…I’m not Doctor Ruth or Doctor Masters or Johnson, or a Relationship Therapist.  You’ll be introduced to one of those in a moment.

KABOOMERs should strive to profit from an “assortment of beneficial chemicals in the body to help us to bond and strengthen relationships as well as increase our self-worth…”

I had a fairly conservative, almost Victorian upbringing, so I used to nod my noggin when I saw this assertion:

“Sex seems to be in everything…except the list of appropriate conversation topics…”

No Mas! I extend this conversation because Sexual Health and well-being are NOT TABOO. They are appropriate for KABOOMERs to consider!


Hard Candy

I share this wonderful post by a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT) named Megan Harrison. She offers one score and ten [30] valid reasons for healthy lovemaking from her Couples Candy website.

  • Megan kindly offered to update that original stimulating article for post-menopausal women, as some of those 30 facts are more relevant for pre-boomers. 


Should you want to pick my brain about overall health and wellbeing, just drop me a line (below), or OPT-IN by typing WP-40  to Text #41259.  I assure you that channel is NOT SEXting…


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