Mister T

by | May 10, 2021

As Tolkien wrote, “The OAK that is Strong does not Wither…”

Testosterone is a long word for a reasonably short chemical compound that spawns many direct and indirect outcomes for KABOOMER hardwoods.

Mister T


Right – – – just 4 hydrocarbon rings with a few oxygen molecules and presTo Change-o for oaken hardwood…maybe.

Tim Ferris offers a simple and hopefully hard equation in his compiled Tools of Titans,

“To Increase TDECREASE C(ortisol).” We’ll save that letter “C” for another post.

I commend to you this very credible article about NATURAL ways to improve bodily Testosterone (aka “T“) levels over time. I like this science-backed article by Simon Slavvsen for several reasons.  A prominent one is that KABOOMER: Thriving and Striving into your 90s objectively addresses the benefits of “normal” Testosterone levels for folks like me in our encore years. So, Simon and I are like-minded…

KABOOMER also addresses MANOPAUSE condition with the acronym A D A M for an unhealthy condition that too many gents in my boomer generation suffer.

As I wrote on page 98 of KABOOMER:

“Wither not on your uber-important strength journey to party past 90 years young.”

And then on page 251,

“all of us should produce “T” until we stop breathing, though in diminished levels as we age…”

We want all KABOOMERS to be normal or better PRODUCERS!

I share my KABOOMER bad-boy list about ADAM so that you can readily compare that to Simon’s natural BIGBOY checklist @ Testosteronerd.com.

  • Here are 16 danger signs and possible ADAM symptoms:

    Adverse changes in physical appearance
    Body fat gain, particularly abdominal weight gain
    Loss of lean muscle tissue
    Bone deterioration
    Loss of hair
    Wrinkling and drying of the skin
    Poor sleep quality or insomnia
    Decreased libido, possible erectile dysfunction (ED)
    Hot flashes (yup), blushing, and sweating
    Aches and pains
    Mental functions decline
    Reduced motivation/apathy
    Nervousness, anxiety, and irritability
    Memory lapses

You undoubtedly grasp how ADAM (aka Andropause or Manopause) can adversely impact one’s quality of life. If one lets it DROP.

Circling back to Simon’s counterpunches – Go Natural, as far and fast as you can, IF your regular LAB readings for Testosterone at your age are “low.”

Or, to be a bit profane yet true for Guys between regular blood draws; consider Tim Ferris’ interview with Dr. Kelly Starrett in The Tools of Titans,

“if you wake up and you don’t have a boner, there’s a problem.  Yes or No?”

Don’t become a “T”-dropper! KABOOM.

For more, just reach out via the form below…

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And, remember that Testosterone is very important for KABOOMER ladies to thrive and strive as well!



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