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by | May 24, 2021

The Times …

Today’s post assuredly hasn’t gone to “The BIRDS”, although I used this BYRDS album title as my lead-in.

And, I tribute that raspy poet Bob Dylan for these iconic lyrics which the BYRDS sang so well:

“…but I was so much older then
I’m younger than that now…”

Self-realizations, as we gain life experiences just, might include youthful or childish reexaminations of what is important.

I ask rhetorically – isn’t it fun to be silly or child-like every so often?  Dylan reportedly thought that waaaaay back in 1964!

I’ve conveyed the importance of simple yet hard things like:

  1. Playing on the ground as children and Blue Zone centenarians tend to do. One darned good longevity marker is one’s ability to rise from the ground without using hands or support objects! Do check your own SIT to RISE capacity, please!
  2. Or challenging our PROPRIOCEPTION (spatial awareness) to stand on one straight leg with eyes closed. Please wear a helmet if you want to scoot around like Marty McFly in his time travels to show your Proprioception!

  1. Or avoiding stress while investing in one’s physical bank account as much as one’s fiscal savings.


*** Please note the relevant Muddy Waters lyrics too.

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