Happy Senior Health and Fitness Day 2021!

by | May 25, 2021

Your Friendly Public Service Announcement (PSA)

Wednesday, May 26th, 2021 is the AARP / Senior Planet celebration of a special Health and Fitness Day.

Why not join other baby boomers across this ZOOM’ed land for  FREE Morning Stretches, Fitness workouts, and informational sessions about wearable fitness devices?  If you’re like me – you believe that ATTITUDE is a great way to influence our encore years – Right?


  • Bring your anti-aging Attitude on ANY day that ends in a “Y“!  You just might improve your vital Waist to Hip Ratio (WtHR), sleep better, and love the one you’re with as honorary boomer Stephen Stills sang…

As you might have heard in recent BLOG posts, Bo Derek


and Olympic legend Dan Gable


are darned serious about thriving and striving into their 90s!  Let’s get serious TOO!

We know that social activities can promote healthy encore lifestyles and longevity.  Think dancing, pickleball, and crew (rowing) yup

Why not check out Senior Planet for social activities? You just might find a convenient chapter, or some NEWS you CAN USE to age with ATTITUDE!

But Wait, there can be MORE…

Should you want to learn about Koach Dave’s ATTITUDE with OPT-IN hints for physical banking/longevity –

Text WP40 to #41259.

Or, send this contact form to Join the Movement.

Stay well past forty,


KABOOM – every day!




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