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by | Jun 16, 2021

Pardon those first letters of word swaps in the Cuck Fancer title to keep this a PG-rated post.

As I wrote in KABOOMERcunning linguists should situationally be recognized and lauded. This is a case of note – is a fine non-profit to help unlucky youth battle their big “C”ancer.

Last Saturday was National Cancer Survivor’s Day. I am among many who are thankful that Cancer is NOT our leading cause of death in America!

I am a fortunate dude – having found and excised an “early” Melanoma.  So now, I wear this awesome awareness T-shirt and S^2C bracelet:

This week is Men’s Health Week.

And . . .  as 

I say:

My “other” PSA – that being a Public Service Announcement is to encourage many to WEAR BLUE on this Friday before Father’s Day [June 18th, 2021].

  • Let us publicize “squeezy Prostates” and “heighten awareness of preventable health problems…
  • Let us encourage early detection and treatment of disease among men and boys.”

Knowledge can be POWERFUL – if and when we guys apply it!



Firing away for effect:

FACT: a vast majority (i.e. 80 % or more) of human cancers are preventable – rather than being genetically imposed. Our lifestyle (smoking/excess drinking), sun damage, inflammatory diets, and environmental toxins are four leading factors for “self-inflicted” cancerous wounds.

FACT: Obesity is a factor in far too many Americans of both genders (14% for men and 20% for women – according to the American Cancer Society). Oy!

In full disclosure, I voted for Richard Nixon. In retrospect, I agree with some experts that we are losing the “WAR on CANCER” which President Nixon declared 35 years ago.  This is tragic!

Hope springs eternal

In a simple yet hard hopeful way – perhaps we can win the War vs. Cancer like we finally offset America’s COVID-19 Pandemic –

T O G E T H E R.

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