by | Aug 31, 2021

Lucky Day?

When a word of the day gives me pause – I occasionally pass it along for your consideration. Well, this is one of those days.

Today, we can thank Turkish folks of yesteryear for the original root of what is now KISMET:

How do you know when something is meant to be?
Sometimes, it’s just fate . . . it is kismet or fate or destiny

One's lot or fate, karma...credit: Giphy

Athletes are born and made

Without getting too philosophical, I hope that you and I can consider what relevant terms like: predestination, providence, handwriting on the wall, karma and chance mean to committed KABOOMERS.

I’ve written about the roles of nature and nurture in one’s physical development, or in lowering one’s fitness years. Athletes are truly born AND made!

Yes, it is true that a prime way to become a fine athlete is to pick fine athletes as your parents… Nearly all of us missed that prime opportunity to choose our parents’ Xs and Ys. So we must play the genes we were dealt.  I’ll argue that the majority of our journey for thriving and striving into our nineties  is nurtured – rather than DNA’ed by our family tree. I’ve seen plausible ratios of 30% nature and 70% nurture of upbringing and committed training. The phrase nature and nurture deals with both minds and bodies these days.

Here are two credible wellness snippets for you:

  • “If you are at risk for heart disease or diabetes, eat a healthy diet and exercise.
  • If you are at risk for other conditions, for example, breast or colon cancer, get regular health screenings like mammograms and colonoscopies per your doctor’s recommendations”.

How Bold can You Become?

Back to karma and kismet – please consider this platitude which might have originated with the Roman playwright Terrence:

Fortis Fortuna Adiuvat – or Fortune Favors the Bold in our Queen’s English.

KABOOMER Fitness is not driven by fortune.  It is driven by boldly doing the work – regularly.

Call to Act

Should you need some bold direction for seeking fortune by doing the work in stamina, strength, stretching, stability, sustenance, sleep and stressing(not) –

please [opt in]  Join the Movement by typing WP40 to #41259 for regular Trainer tips!

And/or – contact me (Koach Dave) via this form below. KABOOM!


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