Grandparents are special KABOOMERS!

by | Sep 12, 2021

Days Come and Go

Please remember yesterday, plus your ever-somber details of 9-11-2001!

Yesterday, 9-11-2021, was in no way an easy day.  Yet life goes on – yes?

Today is crowned National Grandparents’ Day – a role which I personally resemble and love.

Joseph R. Biden, jr. does too.  His podium is a big bigger than mine, so I’ll quote our President’s Proclamation  for this special Generational day:

“I call upon all Americans to celebrate the role grandparents play in families and for the children they love.”


As a mini-public service announcement, I urge all of us – abuelas, abuelos, morförälders, and zǔfùmǔs, plus nanas and danis –

to stay vigilant with fraudsters and to SPOIL the right people!

Elder Fraud - beware

Celebrate your Felicities of Age!

I’ve written often about fitness age vs. chronological age – on this webpage and elsewhere – like in KABOOMER:


  • Yes! We Grandmas and Grandmas CAN lower our fitness ages to thrive and strive!  Honest.

I’ve written a bunch about the “felicities of age” which we encore-aged folks SHOULD cherish.

As my forbear, Ralph Waldo Emerson,  wrote in 1862,

Skill to do comes of doing; knowledge comes by eyes always open, and working hands; and there is no knowledge that is not power.”

Do, with eyes open, work… a powerful and actionable triad for the good life, in my opinion (and his)…
  • Surely we will get older, yet we do not need to get “old.”

Dan Buettner and his Team team have pertained added loads of actionable information about BLUE Zoners.

  • Generational support/ interactions and purpose in activities of daily life DO extend our years on this crazy planet.

So, here’s to you Grandparents!

Enjoy each and every day that ends in a “Y.” like I do.

Your Call to Action?

Should you desire loads of details about thriving and striving – just fill out the contact form below… KABOOM!


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