A Big 10-4

by | Oct 4, 2021


Greetings on this early autumn day – 10-421 – (in the northern hemisphere that is). A cooler day for thriving and striving – yes?

My Leadoff: Here are autumn wellness tips from Baptist Milestone that I endorse as your KABOOMER KOACH:

  • Take advantage of the weather and enjoy the foliage.
  • Head to the trails.
  • Dress for the weather.
  • Avoid holiday candy.
  • Rake your own leaves.
  • Try new group fitness classes at your gym.
  • Weigh yourself regularly.
  • Vary your workouts.

Yes, a Convoy sorta day it is, Rubber ducky10-4

I intended to write about a favorite beverage- Java – for National Coffee Day last week, yet ship happened (well, actually Shingles happened. This nasty adult herpes virus is worthy of another blog post.)

So, I’ll celebrate STARBUCKS’ 50th anniversary with my belated shout-out for certain coffee beverages and their healthy properties for KABOOMERs. I’ll add my kudo for coffee houses as “third places” in busy lives where folks can meet, socialize, listen to good jazz, and chill. Do you trust Harvard researchers? I do…

Did you know that black coffee is a primary source of anti-oxidants for many Americans? As healthy as organic teas are, research to date suggests that coffee is superior to tea for its anti-cancer properties (chlorogenic acid and other phytonutrients). Tea Drinkers – pleasae note that I take an organic, trusted green tea pill daily for other anti-oxidant bennies – from EGCG and catechins.

Credit: giphy

Now – note my modifier black – meaning we need to watch for commercial, seductive add-ins that may hide unhealthy lipids and simple sugar calories.

As part of my communal convoy theme today, I’m sharing a certain single source, organic coffee with you. I have been drinking Lifeboost coffee for over a year. I find its dark roasted taste to be superior. When I’m intermittently fasting – I drink Lifeboost.

I trust reviews which validate its Nicaraguan harvests without pesticides.

Granted, this low-acid brand is  bit pricier than what you can buy in a convenience store.  Yet, sometimes you get what you pay for!

Now – too much of a good thing like black coffee is not wonderful.  WebMD advises,

“it’s not a good idea to take in more than 400 milligrams of caffeine per day.

If you’re a big coffee drinker, keep track of your intake and avoid going over 4 [8 ounces]  cups daily.”

Next for sharing, good buddy… Note that I don’t have a relationship or agreement with the organizations below. Yet I feel good enough about what they offer that I commend them for your consideration.


Guys – has your immune system has weakened to allow discolored fingers or toenails – aka Athlete’s Foot?

Good folks @ sootheyourfeet.com provided us with an informative guide To Treating Athlete’s feet. Ladies are certainly “eligible” for fungal problems – yet this one is a lesser issue for them.

Shaquille O’Neal offers his big foot concerns here:

As I experience occasional bouts with cracking alligator heels and athlete’s foot – I appreciate this resource!  As my lesson learned, a topical anti-fungal may NOT solve your athlete’s foot issues.  Think inside out and build up your inner immunities, naturally.

2. Nutrition

Consider what Harrison and the gang @ Jacked Gorilla offer about nutritional values of what and when you eat to improve your fitness and wellness.  Remember – the route to your own great, lean ABs is through your refrigerator door!

3. Hyperhidrosis

Although our autumn temperatures drop from those dog-day summer highs, sweat is still a curse and a blessing.

Sophie @ IontoDri offers this pro bono advice to help affected folks treat saddle bag sweat.

4. Living with Arthritis

Thanks, Gabriel, for forwarding your nice article about Diet and its impact on Arthritis Symptoms.

Gabriel nicely wrote me from across the Atlantic pond to help KABOOMERS deal with this particular autoimmune disorder, Arthritis

 5. Regain your Mojo

If that darned COVID-19 Gap Year affected your git-up-and-go, here’s a useful Guide On Top Tips For Boosting Your Energy from Caitlyn @ beastlyenergy.com.
Granted, this was a loaded post.  Yet my intent was to help you make this Autumn and those following your best!
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