Holiday Hallmarks

by | Dec 6, 2021


Before sharing my thoughts on Hallmarks as “proofs” of your KABOOMER excellence, I sadly note the passage of a great American.

RIP Senator!

One of our Greatest Generation, Kansan Bob Dole, faded away yesterday. This image is from his postwar recovery years after his left arm was shattered in combat.

Credit: NBC News

Dole was the real deal for sacrifice and selfless service.

I dedicate this Hallmark post to those of his generation who fought the good fight to make our crazy world a finer place to live, work and play. If that Army hero will allow me to share a naval saying with which I am most familiar, Fair Winds and Following Seas, Senator Dole. You are one of the fairer angels on watch!


Dole, that Disabled veteran and public servant, left his mark in a way that few of us can.

I like this operational meaning of hallmark:  to denote “proof of excellence,” with might link to one or more of these characteristics:

1. attribute
2. feature
and even
3. peculiarity

Yet, why not try to make our own hallmark, even better if marked in a peculiar and unique way?

Time of the Season

With Santa’s arrival in three short weeks, the foreboding time of New Year’s resolutions will quickly be upon us.

What attributes will you develop with sticky, successful habits to live longer and better in 2022 and beyond?

Sound Bites

I’ve been honored to appear on 2-3 podcasts and interviews a month with gracious and engaging hosts/hostesses.

I share these four recent weblink appearances in the Holidays hope that you will gain a tip, trick, or hack to thrive and strive into your nineties… Here’s my Holiday hope that shared thoughts will heighten your Resolve!

a. Over 65 and Talking with Beth Webster

b. Managing Chronic Pain (a GetSetUp presentation hosted by Wade Yarbrough)

If you’re interested in a cameo BIO of me – check My Road Less Traveled.

c. A Manday Chat with Agnes Knowles (Two Boomer Women)

d. A Motion is Medicine Chat with Coach Clarence (Fit over 40).

Note: Please check back for more sound bites and videos, as my autumn and winter KABOOMER engagements are many…

My Early Christmas Present

As I often receive coal in my Christmas Stocking, this 2021 Gift from Speak Up Talk Radio is very special to me as a first-time author:

I wish each of you the very best for a healthy winter season. Consider those words from Coach Dan Gable –

“use some  good coaching…to live life to its fullest.”  KABOOM.

Remember to Thrive and Strive  as your HALLMARK!

in Ho Ho Health,

Dave Frost

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