Yippee or Yips in 22?

by | Jan 6, 2022

‘Tis The Season

Happy Twelfth Night of this Holiday season. Citing the Bard in Act 2, “In delay there lies no plenty.” His Twelfth Night romance also had desire as a theme, so let’s build on such desire without delay

If you are like me, most Christmas trimmings are tucked away, and resolve for healthy habits in our New Year of 2022 is percolating.  Note that I didn’t write “resolution”, as the batting average for New Year’s Resolutions is not laudable.

You’ve probably been besieged by year-end and New You platitudes, so I intend to avert those.

What we Professional Trainers can and should do is stimulate specific, measurable, achievable habits for success that are tailored to each client – like Homer Simpson?!. Even when, Baby It’s Cold Outside…

YIPPEECredit: Tenor

Desire: What are your Yippee! benchmarks for the near term of your fitness and wellness journey?

Delay Not: How do you negate or overcome YIPS that may keep you from doing your habitual best?

  •  Ah, even Coaches Ted Lasso (#tedlasso) and Beard had to deal with YIPS of their professional Richmond Greyhounds…

No Excuse

Yes, I am a fan of Ted Lasso! After all, a large BELIEVE mantra is hung over his coach’s doorway. His optimism and outlook seemed counter-intuitive to English footballers and fans.  [He was called a wangler often in the show’s first season.] Yet, his footballers were learning to work as a united side, whatever the odds.

You may recall that I cited the Jedi Yoda in KABOOMER… No Excuse, just DO or DO Not!

Let’s get past one “YES BUT” excuse … that being cold winter weather.  I commend to you two fine articles for DOing the work without delay and with desire, despite wintry conditions:

  1. Everyday Health – with 12 winter workout tips
  2. Wall Street Journal – conquer the cold!

Should you want or need a bit of Ted Lasso coaching to kickstart your 2022 habits – just drop me a note via this form:

Postscript:  I thoroughly enjoyed National Personal Trainer Awareness Day, after viewing an exciting Rose Bowl Football Game – even if Ted Lasso wasn’t coaching on the pitch!


Koach Dave


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