I enjoyed Sixty-nine

by | Feb 18, 2022


I offer 69 as an upper number of fitness years, of filling in the holes of life, rather than alluding to an urban dictionary term.

As the world, worm and COVID turn, I relish this chance to reflect on my 69 laps around our sun.

Wow – we’re in our third year of the New Abnormal life caused by a virus. Oy!  

I advocate that seventy is the new forty, so this Pisces is truly looking forward to his 70th orbit.  I hope that my lessons learned to this point may help you as well… If you are reading this post, you are a co-survivor of a scary and deadly pandemic. Whew!

A Frosty spoiler alert: there is nothing so fun as messing around in boats, or playing with your with grandkids or a fadoodle with a loved one. All of these worthy endeavors can compile as well-deserved “felicities of age.”

I’ve had more than a few chances to share my sweat-based and science-backed assertions as expressions of longevity, of living longer and better.

  1. Here is a link to my recent interchange on Dr. Greg Dennis’ FitRX podcast.

2. I am now honored to collaborate with another KABOOMER who will never stop growing,  Doug Sohn who leads Success After Sixty.  We have much in common – far more than the grey hair on our noggins!

3. I Zoom-led a pilot strength and stability pilot project for several hundred in the AARP’s Senior Planet community.

4. I offer monthly blogposts for the National Federation of Professional Trainers

5. One of my specialty wellness briefs on Chronic Pain was for the GetSetUp community.

I revisited my livingto100 calculator and readily acknowledge that nature (~30%) and nurture (~70%) have been very, very good to me.

My honest catcher responses to Dr. Perls’ valid longevity estimator ⇒ 103 years. My abacus suggests that I just entered into my third act!

Yet the best parts of Shakespeare’s plays were in 3rd acts – and deserved encores.

Please drop me a note via the embedded form below if you’d like to make more of your Encore Years.

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I’ll close out this solar lap with 3 lines from an encore-aged movie,

We do our best. Nothing else matters. 

Everything will be all right in the end.

If it’s not all right, then it’s not yet the end.”

(Best Exotic Marigold Hotel)


Do your Best to Stay Well Past Forty!

Koach Dave


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