Moving past Madness

by | Mar 18, 2022


I am a firm believer in savings for one’s fiscal AND physical bank account.  But for sunlight? Not so much… You may recall that I applaud the legendary Muddy Waters who cautioned in song, “you know you can’t spend what you haven’t got.”

You’ve made it into Daylight Saving Time, version 2022. That is unless you live in the smart states of Hawaii, Arizona that believe in standards.

In full and open disclosure – for most of my 7-decades, I thought this annual time robbing move by our Government was plural – as in SAVINGS. Not!

Our US Senate (that term stems from the same word root as “senile” by the way) just passed a Sunshine Protection Act.  This cspan image of Senator Rubio raises a timely question for most people.

My morning’s row on Mission Bay today may have protected the sunshine in the Senatorial view, but not for my pre-dawn practice. Oy.

And March Madness massacres have begun in the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tourney. Wowza! I recently read a provocative sports research article that suggested prime-time players get the YIPS or just miss Key Shots as average Jills and Jacks do. Since we’re out of season for Football, I won’t share whether “icing” a kicker really works or not…Stay tuned.

March M & Ms

The months of March have above-average madness in my opinion. Clock changes, Hoops tournaments, Baseball walkouts(again), and worm Moons. And then many of us can pretend we like Corned Beef with Cabbage. Just think about the LUCKY millions of folks like me who take time, quaff a pint or sip Whisky in a Jar on March 17th to honor an Irish non-Saint from 13 centuries ago! I do not mean that in a mean or patronizing way, as I consider my wife to be a saint.  Where’s my pinch or my get-lucky charms?

The letter “M” has above-average words and phrases of action for folks that save their physical bank accounts.  A sampler is:

  • marathon
  • mat
  • medicine ball
  • monkey bars
  • motion
  • moving
  • mountain climbers
  • motivation
  • massage
  • myofascial release
  • music (workout)
  • mile and a half run time (Mayo Clinic longevity check)
  • martial arts
  • muscular
  • mighty
  • maximum (1RM)
  • muscle up
  • move it
  • mobility
  • meditate
  • meters
  • metabolism
  • mental
  • motivate
  • morning habits (make your bed)
  • move!
  • mowing and other activities of daily life (ADL)
  • muscle pain (DOMS)
  • measures (eg Waist to Hip ratio)
  • muscle stretches – dynamic and static
  • mountain pose (yoga)

As we move through disordered, foolish, and yes, exciting days of March, you may have some time to invest in your Warranty for Longevity and enduring physical bank reserves.  I certainly hope so!

If you are an audio-learner or find yourself in a long COSTCO gas line for $6.00/gallon petrol(!), you might listen to these conversations which I had with two wonderful podcast hosts,

Please contact me as your KABOOMER KOACH with questions or feedback. Thank You,

In closing, May your Cup be Full. May the Road rise up to greet ya and the Wind be at your back, despite the Madness!


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