Seasons Change, and so should you and I

by | Mar 20, 2022

Guess Who?

The Guess Who first sang its classic, NO TIME, in the summer of 1969. Ah, memories of those tough teen times come to me easily.

Whether these NO TIME lyrics mean something profound or mean nothing is up to a listener to decide.

  • Was it a Vietnam draft commentary by a Canadian?
  • Or a reverse Dear John letter?

I wonder why lyricist Randy Bachman first intended with this phrase:

“Seasons change and so do I…”

So, here I muse on the first day of Spring, 2022.  Do I invest a load of time thinking about my pro and con changes since 1969?  Or, should I invest my time and energy in future change?  I listened to a Protestant priest’s Lenten homily today. He was quite intent on sharing the church’s seasonal theme of a second chance and repentance. You know, learn from the past and commit to a new you…

Here we are, some 12 weeks into this calendar year.  Many folks’ resolutions for improved health and wellness have lost their way.

This first day of a sprung Spring is a fitting time to start a second chance for building that physical bank account to live longer and better.

Just like John Krasinski said 🙂     

Where to Begin?

Always good to start at a new beginning – yes?

=> Are you intent on living longer and better?

If you answered yes to my leading query, then are you ready to do the work?

If so, choose and achieve a small victory each day, a la Admiral McRaven….
Make your Bed...


In a 2021 podcast chat with Dr. Lunide Louis on her Best Morning Routine Ever, I offered a MORNINGS mnemonic to help anyone with those tough first steps succeed. Start early, repeat daily, affirm your tactical wins often!

M – Make your Bed

O – Observe (e.g. how is my resting heart rate? Was my ~7 hours of sleep restorative?)

R – Reflections and Breathing 

N – Nutrients (Macro-nutrients, micros, and cool clear Water)

I – Invigorate (mixed shower)…Try a Yoga Sun Series

N – Note – (What will I accomplish today as a top priority? Journal it too…)

G – Gratitude!  Hey, I’m on the right side of the grass today…

S – Signs. Am I trending in the “right” direction?

Whether you embrace my 8-part HABITS scorecard, or if devise one of your own… Just Do It.

Plan your lifelong warranty – day by day –  with a solid physical bank account.  Then execute your plan, regularly.

Perhaps your second and third and eighty-third days of Spring will have that “little bit extra” to make you EXTRAordinary.

Yours truly in EXTRAness,

Dave Frost

As always – I offer this feedback loop in the hopes that you will build your physical bank account too!





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