Power Potpourri

by | Jun 7, 2022

Power is my theme for this potpourri of topics squeezed into one.

Big C

First, Kudos who are with us to celebrate National Cancer Survivor’s Day!





‘Tis sad yet true that perhaps 20 percent of all cancers in our great country may be diet-related. Oy!

We are what we eat…

Estimates are that about 40% of Americans will develop cancer(s) in their lifetimes. Double Oy!

In a bad news/good news way- the BIG “C” is our 3rd leading cause of morbidity in the USA. Right! Only Cardio-respiratory Disease and COVID viruses deaths were higher for the last two years. Cancer.org reported almost 700,000 deaths from cancer as the primary cause for Americans in 2021 🙁

That is a mid-sized city gone PUFF and is truly a tragic statistic. Yet it is even more tragic to think that ~140,000 cancer deaths (20%) that we suffered as a nation were diet-related and we’re possibly avoidable!

Here’s the power “plug” from our Government and me as a melanoma survivor:

“Over the next decade, the number of people who have lived 5 or more years after their cancer diagnosis is projected to increase approximately 33%, to 15.1 million.”

So- our personal power to face and defeat cancer is growing! That’s the good news – potentially-if we take better care of ourselves. A few no-brainers and potential life extenders are:

✓ Proactively do regular self exams for skin, breast, and testicular irregularities.

✓ Cease eating processed foods with cancer-related nitrides.

If you see or sense something, do something! A preventative example: Gents- if you haven’t had a recent PSA test- Get one soon.

Many more of us can be Survivors! We have the power.


The outcome of a crucial sea battle long, long ago and far, far away hinged on the Power of intelligence collection and on bold, calculated risk. There is a profound strategic saying that I believe about the Battle of MIDWAY:

Wars may be won on land, yet they can be lost at sea. Midway was a defining two days for the ultimate demise of the Japanese Empire.

Projecting Power is today’s strategic imperative for us as the (arguable) world’s steady policeman.

So, here’s to our too few living Midway survivors who truly were in a GREAT GENERATION!


My third element of this potpourri is personal power. Personal power of mind and body to do good deeds, to die harder and to serve as role models for those who succeed our baby boomer generation.

Physical Banking power is defined as work divided by time.

Moving heavy stuff – lifting, pushing, pulling, twisting and carrying external objects is serious medicine – at ages into our late 80’s or higher.

Strong constitutions mean doing the work.

Doing the work can mean that you live longer and better.

Yes, you have the power!

Let’s do our best to survive, strive and thrive for many moons.

Koach Dave



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