Move Stuff to Cheat Death

by | Nov 8, 2022

Yes, I’ve been missing in action from weblogs.

If I was still a Naval Academy Midshipman, I’d brace up and say NO EXCUSE Ma’am or Sir!  Yet that was many moons ago.

My STRONG TO SAVE manuscript took precedence. So Generation X readers – be on the lookout fgr a Book release in mid-2023.

  • Why did I choose the main Title STRONG to SAVE?
  • And why will the sub-title focus on Generation X?

There are three reasons for my title’s choice:

  1. I used to sing Eternal Father, Strong to SAVE as a venerable hymn for seafarers like me.
  2. There is just about nothing as important as Physical Strength to endure and to serve others in these crazy lives we live nowadays.  If you don’t trust me with this assertion, the legendary strength advocate- Mark Rippetoe – is even more assertive. See his podcast with Mike Matthews as an example:
  3. Even the largest membership organization in our country – the AARP – advocates Strength training  for solid reasons.
    • Does a 2022 AARP Bulletin’s title strike a chord with you?
      • To Live Longer, Get Stronger…. in just one hour a week, you can change your health and your life”


The Book’s Subtitle?

Its future sub-title is earmarked for our Americans and world citizens born between ~ 1964 and 1984. Strength is a healthspan and lifespan enabler for their next fifty (!) years on this planet. I chose a company name of WELL PAST FORTY for good reason!

I was also privileged to speak with Gerontologist Holley Kelley about SEXERCISE, which has adequate merit for both women and men to have an entire chapter devoted to this frolicking part of life. If your interest is piqued, click on over to

And, I’m in the middle of a 5-part podcast series with a wonderful host – K.C. Anderson on the Podcast Business News Network.

You can find the audio and video files for our Living Longer and Better Series on Spotify.  Here is an audio half-hour of that series for your listen:

Do I walk the talk of strength and resistance training?  Ya sure you betcha.

I stop strangers to share that the Cornerstone of your Physical BANK – namely STRENGTH – matters mightily.

Do the work.

Live Longer and Die Harder.

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