Some things National – like Pizza Day and Love your Heart

by | Feb 9, 2023

Yes, I have been missing in action since late 2022. Oh, that my time away was spent on some enchanted island. Yet I have been head down and tail up finalizing my manuscript for Strong to Save.  This second non-fiction work is a fitness primer that implores Gen X to die harder and later…


You see, resistance (aka weight) training is a superlative down-aging and life-enhancing exercise. Period.

A conceptual front cover for Strong to Save: Your Gen X imperative to die harder and later is shared to get your sarcomeres flexing.

Now, it is about time to chat about Pizza and National Heart Month, as this post’s duo of healthy topics.

Pizza, pizza

First, with unfounded thanks to that itinerant Marco Polo – Pizza.  Round flatbreads were known to be eaten in Gaeta Siciliy in the 1oth century which was well before Polo headed to the Orient.

Marketeres once named Pizza – America’s family food. Well, I probably had pizza three times before high school, burning my mouth with molten mozzarella in the process. The Pizza business is probably $50 Billion per year in the USA. On any given day, possibly 1 in 8 Americans has a slice, or more…

Pizza pizzaCredit: giphy

You may have seen myths about the healthy or unhealthy nutrients in a pizza pie…

I offer that a thin-crusted pie, easy on the chesse, lotsa veggies, and a bit of uncured meat can be relatively low calorie and fairly nutritious for both macronutrients and micronutrients.  Naturally, it is healthier for you to make your own at home than to procure processed versions from the supermarket. When you do, you become a pizzaiolo.

National Heart Health Month

I am involved with the County of San Diego’s Live Well project ( Kudos to my county and city leaders for keeping their thermogenetic focus on healthy lifespans via both exercise and NEAT non-exercise means!

Please remember that cardio-vascular disease (CVD), with atherosclerosis

is the top cause of morbidity for Americans. Three Million new cases each year – almost 1% of our population – Oy veh! And 700,00 deaths!!! Sadly, cancers, CoVid-19, and opiods successively follow ASCVD with the Grim Reaper.


Credit: Mayo Clinic

Three key points about ASCVD prevention, from where I stand, are:

  1. It is never too late to challenge the smooth muscles of your left ventricle to pump more vigorously and efficiently.
  2. There is nil doubt that our American diet is a huge contributor to ASCVD as a disease and top killer. Don’t eat plaque-causing, inflammatory foodstuffs, please.
  3. I add exercise – both stamina and vigorous resistance exercise – as a preventative measure.

As you consider this American Heart Association infographic, please make a note to get moving.

Resolve ?!

In closing, this timeframe is about the time each year when wavering folks lose their resolve for chosen initiatives to promote healthspan and extend lifespan.  This is such as shame. Tragic yet true that American lifespans decreased for a second consecutive year.

Are you with me in a valiant effort to shift this tragic trend in a favorable direction?

Stay well past forty!

Dave Frost




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