Jabroni, Magic Mike, and the Game around Rihanna’s halftime show

by | Feb 13, 2023

The slang noun, Jabroni, expanded beyond its original use in professional wrestling to social
media after the AFC Championship football game.

We credit the Sheik and the Rock for their roles in getting this interesting noun into the dictionary:

A few weeks ago, the KC Chiefs’ Travis Kelce challenged
the Cincinnati mayor for his rather uppity comment. Kelce tweeted, “Don’t be a Jabroni”; Not
endearing, but still utilitarian… You see, a Jabroni is a recruited underdog that cannot prevail
against a superior force. Think of the also-ran team recruited to face the Harlem Globetrotters in
basketball. Think of the fresh meat that Dwayne the Rock Johnson tossed around in his
wrestling matches. Jabronis can make us look good…

Do you believe in magic?
Steven Soderbergh and Channing Tatum apparently do for a Last Dance. They collaborated on a sequel to Magic Mike, that is getting some good press. I just read in the Wall Street Journal that the show’s exotic male dancers are classy and clothed. Some of the sequel’s buzz is about empowered ladies who enjoy a little attention from Six-pack Sam and Magic Mike. The guys even leave the stage to slow-dance with ladies in the audience.
✓ Dancing is good exercise, and it certainly can help boost happy hormone levels. Yes, I can
become a believer in magic.

Before and After

Tomorrow, for the fifty-seventh time, America and the world will watch a Super Bowl Professional
FOOTBALL game with commercials galore. Perhaps one of those uber-expensive spots will
supplant my all time favorite commercials from past Super Bowl days:

1. Apple (1984)
2. Cat wranglers (2009)
3. the FTX crypto ad last year when an actor stated, “I’m always right about this sort of
Hmmm, me thinks that FTX will skip a commercial this year!

This year’s LVII version has great stories within the story of the game.
Kelce Brother versus brother.
Stalwart pass rush vs. gunslinger passer.
A QB who inflicts big hurts on defenders: Jaylen Hurts reportedly back-squatted 600 pounds in college. That
power lift is not a typo. His are very big strong quads!
One coach’s long association with the other team – Big Red Andy Reid.
A broadcast team with a retired tight end instead of a former quarterback as our color analyst.
The State Farm stadium’s natural grass carpet that is wheeled outside for its Arizona Vitamin D
on an 11-rail conveyor.
Yes, the skin color of both the Chiefs and Eagles starting quarterbacks is dark. Last time I checked,
the pigskin didn’t eye-check the color of the guy touching it. Yet, this happenstance is a first for
the sports pages.

The Eagles with a run first mentality. And the Chiefs who go airborne, with a half-billion dollar
man as their nimble QB.

Freaks of Nature

These 106 professional athletes of both sides are freaks of nature for their short bursts of
incredible power, speed and finesse. I mention their freakish capabilities with admiration – like the Jaylen Hurts’ back squat.                And, with a few exceptions for quarterbacks, blind side offensive tackles plus durable receivers, their
professional careers are quite short.
I bet that endured stamina is very rare among those (mostly) large and talented lads. And, it is
rare when a 320+ pound lineman can shed his added weight when his brief playing days are done.
Here’s to tomorrow’s gladiators on the grass gridiron, with wishes for their injury-free dazzle.

Here’s to magic male (and female) performers who make their clients feel special.

And, here’s to jabronis against who we measure our athletic performances.
Stay well past forty.
Dance, build stamina, and… don’t be a jabroni.


Stay well past forty,

Koach Dave


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