Trainer, Author, Sailor, Champ

Helping others learn and grow is what I do, and what I’ve done for many moons.

  • Our college motto was “Ex Scientia Tridens”, meaning from knowledge – seapower.


Whether in my (GO NAVY) uniformed service days, in business worlds of companies large and small, for-profit and non-profit, or in academia, I’ve lived the Platinum Rule to assist others.

I trained naval subordinates and peers in naval warfare when the Russians were coming in Cold War days.

I led knowledge management (KM)  efforts as a defense contractor, among many varied leadership assignments.

I teach life skills and rowing skills to youths and adults.

D training 1X

As an NFPT Master Fitness Trainer, I offer expertise and experience to help you launch, then sustain your party path.

man holding black barbell

Unsolicited client comments for my tailored “peer to peer” services follow:

a.  Dave is a very ethical, and a true gentleman.

b. I highly recommend Well Past Forty to women and men who want to make the next half of life the best half of life! I just couldn’t seem to get to my goals doing what always worked in the past. … David took an approach I would have never come up with on my own.

c. Dave is awesome. He really knows his stuff and is very patient with his clients.

d. Great customer service. Despite logistical challenges, Dave made it right, and he provided exactly the right, tailored workout plan for my goals.

e. David is a true professional. Great demeanor and a great trainer to say the least. He really cares about his clients and spends the time to really make us feel special.

Why don’t you check in to see if my Koaching services can help you?

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