Awe, Autumn

‘Tis a stunning autumn weekend in and around Boston. Locals may not claim peeking “peaks” for foliage, yet this homesick New Englander is plenty pleased with the hues I see.

Sitting on the banks of the River Charles, I’m watching older and younger rowers do their synchronized magic in the 55th Head of Charles Regatta.

Catch, Drive, finish, recover.

– Sustained aerobic performance for 3 miles!

I remember Coach Ullrich’s mantra- work hardest as you make it look easy – to go FAST.

And typing about fast; this is primo weather to build aerobic capacity to go fast and faster in months ahead.

Gotta love these brisk mornings, warm days and delicious trappings of fall.

Make the most of your autumn efforts as you live large.


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