You invested your money to retire securely.
Isn’t it time to invest in your physical well-being to thrive and strive with KABOOMER vitality?

KABOOMER: Thriving and Striving into Your Nineties

Are you hitting your golden years, but feeling way past your prime?

Say 👋 to your new super-aging companion.

KABOOMER: Thriving and Striving into Your Nineties is the ultimate you-can-do-it handbook full of awesome habits for strength training and stamina activities to keep you in motion well into your golden years. With a great take-charge attitude to make positive lifestyle changes, you can slow your aging, increase your energy, and find more happiness each day.

In KABOOMER: Thriving and Striving into Your Nineties, you’ll learn:

  • The simple secret that will help lessen your pain and enhance your muscle strength.
  • How to build enhanced stability to reduce your risk of accidents and injury.
    Platinum senior exercises to diminish the aches and pains of daily activities without medicine.
  • The importance of a clean diet six days a week to counter inflammation for natural improvement to physical and mental well-being.
  • Why seven hours of healing sleep with your stress-not outlook promotes good health, and much, much more!

Get the essential guide to prevent illness, feel younger, and live your best life well past retirement age! 🕺🏼

Also available in eBook, hardcover, and audiobook.

Here’s What Readers are Saying about KABOOMER…

With wit and wisdom, David Frost has created an empowering self-help handbook filled with thoughtful tips for living longer and better. Informative, well researched, comprehensive and thought provoking, the book is an enjoyable read with a clever balance of humor, science and easy-to-follow coaching strategies. You will want to read it a second time with your highlighter in hand. For KABOOMERS, the book is a great reminder of some of the simple but important considerations to maintain good health and make the most of life as we age. With an encouraging nudge, Frost provides motivation to make changes that matter in order to heal, build strength, grow and keep dancing into our nineties.

Full disclosure – I have known Dave for nearly 50 years. We rowed together in college and have remained friends over the years. KABOOMER reflects Dave’s systematic approach to many issues- research for deep knowledge of the subject area, meticulous action planning based on the knowledge gained, relentless execution, and review of the results to determine where improvements can be made. Dave has done the hard work assembling, testing, and refining the concepts in the book. Now it’s our turn to stand up, move out, and KABOOM.

Excellent guide for older people, male and female, to improve their health and live longer. The writing style is very lively and engaging. The book has all the information needed to put together a physical health program that addresses stamina, strength, stability, diet, and stress as well as lots of other useful information. I’ve used the book to develop an exercise program to improve on the exercise I currently do. Highly recommended!

Great book! Helped this Boomer to get on my feet and get moving with the right exercise, sleep and eating. Striving and thriving!

Dave Frost’s KABOOMER is both dense with valuable information and easily digestible at the same time. Affable in its approach to an all too often confusing and intimidating topic, KABOOMER is your road map to beginning, reinvigorating, and fine tuning your fitness journey.

Beginning; read it from start to finish. Reinvigorating; pick a chapter that hits home and work from there. Fine tuning; dog ear the pages that augment your existing program and reference them often.

This is a welcome addition to my fitness library and I will be recommending it to my clients.

KABOOMER – Thriving and Striving into Your Nineties is a fun, entertaining read chock full of tips, techniques, and best practices for anyone interested in taking charge of their own fitness journey. Combining a wealth of research with witty anecdotes and observations from his years as an adjunct professor, competitive athlete, and personal trainer, David Frost shows us how giving “the little bit extra” every day will help us become and remain active well into our golden years. KABOOMER is not a book to be read once and put on the shelf. Rather, it’s a roadmap to be checked frequently to ensure we stay on course and maybe enjoy our life’s journey a little more than we otherwise would.

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