MOVEMBER and Diabetes Awareness Month

The time she flies, even in lockdown Pandemic periods like this.
But first - think about those Millions of Military Veterans - 
past, present and future, who help make America what it is ->
 The Land of the Free guarded by our BRAVE!

November is a fine month for Health Awareness and personal action steps.
 Here are three salient topics for your awareness and actions:

1. MOVEMBER. Did you know that 60 (SIXTY!) men commit Suicide every hour in our zany world?
Or - how about our Prostate Health?


3. a HIGH PRIORITY focus for us Medicare-aged folks - National DIABETES AWARENESS MONTH.

I chose DIABETES and PRE-DIABETES as the Physical Banking Note for KABOOMER this month.

 The cost and suffering of TENS of MILLIONS of Adult Americans with pre-diabetes 
(often un-diagnosed) or Type 2 Diabetes.
Do read my November Note - if you please.  
A one-minute Quiz may change your outlook, and your Life!
Why your Koach's big Push?
Here's the Ratio Why:

1 in 3 US adults has prediabetes

 and is at high risk for Type 2 Diabetes.

How about you?

Join the KABOOMER Movement to learn more about averting and/or managing DIABETES.

Be Well and safe, these days and every day - VACCINE or NOT

Koach Dave

How ‘Bout them Apples?

We just returned from an Apple Hill visit with bags of “local” organic apples. I found a new snacking favorite – the Arkansas Black treat!

Them Apples 😊 got me thinking and blogging about the health and wellness benefits of these symbolic and tasty fruits.

Sure, you might have an occasional “bad apple”,

or tried to make sense of “Apples and Oranges”, but

You likely remember from your yesterdays, a rhyme like this:

    “Eat an apple on going to bed and you’ll keep the doctor from earning his bread.”

As a wellness coach, I resonate with both that rhyme and this JAMA research finding:

“The small fraction of US adults who eat an apple a day do appear to use fewer prescription medications.”

Woot! As you may have read in KABOOMER, I advocate natural alternatives to POLYPHARMACY [which is taking of two or more medicines over time] when possible.

I hope that you might be as alarmed as I am, IF AARP studies are valid which suggests that most Medicare-aged folks are polypharmacy users.

“over 80 percent take at least two prescription drugs and over 50 percent take four or more.

African American and low-income individuals tend to take more medications.” 

How ‘Bout them Apples?

I contend that even a few percent higher Avoidance of Service makes an out-sized difference in Medicare bills, as suggested by this JAMA graph:


Credit: JAMA Intern Med. 2015 May 1; 175(5): 777–783.

  • Who doesn’t want to keep a doctor away- unless you’re romantically linked to one?
  • Who doesn’t want to skip a trip to the pharmacy for prescription medications?

One might wonder why only 1 in 10 Americans eat apples. I am sure that the American Apple Association does!

I know that the AARP health lobby does too!

My own wonderment is founded on the bounteous Health Benefits of Apples as shared here:

 It is sad yet true that higher “GI” variants like Applesauce and Apple juice have higher usage among Americans.

  • Can we spell Insulin insensitivities? Or Diabetes?

Sure, Adam and Eve had a little issue over one garden’s forbidden fruit.
Credit: Giphy

And Sleeping Beauty fell victim (temporarily) to that evil Witch’s forbidden fruit.

And, if you ate way too many apple cores with their seeds, you might consume too much cyanide.


Let’s shift over to the much more interesting and modern plusses of An Apple a Day:

A medium-sized apple of almost any variety is:

  1. Low calorie
  2. Fairly cheap (~$2.00 per pound)
  3. Low glycemic index (GI),
  4. Good source for healthy soluble fiber,
  5. Wonderful source of micro-nutrients and phytonutrients/antioxidants like Vitamin C /polyphenols, and
  6. 75 percent of your 2-cup minimum daily requirement for fruit.


Ergo, depending on the individual – an apple eater “may” be very good for one’s:

√ Weight Loss

√ Heart Health and Bone Density (Antioxidants and polyphenol effects)

√ Insulin Sensitivity

√ Lower blood pressure – possibly negating the prescription for statins

  • Apples vs. Statins?

√ Prebiotic effects for Gut Health (don’t forget time-tested merits of organic Apple Cider Vinegar)

√ Reduced Stroke Risk

√ Lowered Risk for some Cancers

√ Lowered risks for age-related mental decline.
What if rodent results correlated to human results? “Researchers who fed elderly rats whole apples found that a marker of the rats’ memory was restored to the level of younger rats.”

Fall for This!

Autumn is a fine season for crisp, whole fruit apple consumption.

That is a shout-out to the MINORITY of Adults who chase brain and body immortality (and/or love) with apples yet without serpents or witches present.

As a safety closer, even organic apples may have collected pesticides on their skin.  As Apple Skins have a goodly percentage of the apple’s fiber and phytonutrients,

=> Please soak your apples in a baking soda-water mix, as just rubbing, or washing ‘em in water doesn’t dispatch those pesticides.

Credit: Giphy

Be well, and munch away!

Koach Dave


“M.S.” – yet probably not the M.S. you think I’m blogging


Multiple Sclerosis is a relevant human condition for our Well Past Forty Project which merits mention – and I’ll take that for action.

A Master of Science graduate degree?  Not “that” M.S.”

“M.S.” as the subject of this post, is a rather ominous sounding condition for far too many folks – METABOLIC SYNDROME.

Too many Americans – as in three (3) million each year become part of this infographic’s terrible statistics (Thank you, Dr. Axe).  OY!

And, if age 60 is indeed the new 40, we’ve got a major societal problem.

MSY_DrAxe infographic


Aussies label Metabolic Syndrome as “CHAOS” – for good reason! “It affects one in five people, and prevalence increases with age. Some studies estimate the prevalence in the USA to be up to 25% of the population.”

Are there markers for  a “3 outta 5” cluster on which your Primary Care Physician will alert?

Definitely – review entries in this American Heart Association table for five (5) possible eye-opener ELEVATIONS or epiphanies:

  1. Elevated waist circumference:
  • Men — Equal to or greater than 40 inches (102 cm)
  • Women — Equal to or greater than 35 inches (88 cm)
  • (I’ll blog more about pear- and apple-shaped silhouettes in a future post – visceral and subcutaneous fat locations matter!)

2. Elevated triglyceride levels:

  • Equal to or greater than 150 mg/dL

3. Reduced HDL (“good”) cholesterol:

  • Men — Less than 40 mg/dL
  • Women — Less than 50 mg/dL

4. Elevated blood pressure:

  • Equal to or greater than 130/85 mm Hg, or use of medication for hypertension

5. Elevated fasting glucose:

  • Equal to or greater than 100 mg/dL (5.6 mmol/L), or use of medication for hyperglycemia

(Our American Diabetes Association is in stride with these AHA markers above).

Americans – We HAVE MAJOR PROBLEMS here!

Is there hope for millions of us?  It depends, regrettably.

If a person chooses to break away from CHAOS, a statistical answer is YES                            (if and when he or she complies with lifestyle, diet and fitness improvements). offers these simple unmedicated steps to counter MS:

metabolicsyndromeremedies_organic facts dot net

It is NOT my intent to advocate any of these remedies.

YET…prudent people may wish to check some MS remedies out, (as they stay in touch with their MDs/ health care professionals).

In closing, here is my 3-M big bet for current and future sufferers of MS in this national pandemic:

  1. Medications which may be prescribed / required :(.
  2. Move! 
  3. Minimize portions, maximize low-glycemic foods in healthier diets.

This MS – aka SYMPTOM X, or CHAOS is far scarier than Friday the 13th horror movies, in my opinion.

Be well.