Pleasure, Pain…Emotion, Logic

I hope that Judge Judy had a nice birthday yesterday!  I’ve never watched her show, yet her followers number more than mine :).  Her calendar years “DQ” her from being a bonafide KABOOMER, as she is now 78, like a former VP that is in the limelight these days.  So, today is Day # 296 of 2020 AD, with a mere 10 weeks to go until this abnormal leap year is over. In the traditional Chinese Zodiac, 2020 is the                     Year of the Rat…Hmmm.If my calculator is accurate, 1/12th or about 8% of our world population had this abnormal, unlucky year if tradition is correct. Note to self, try wearing red underpinnings in my unlucky year ?!

We sorta know that bodily or mental PAIN is a penalty, while Pleasure is a “windfall” gain.  Isn’t life a bit strange in this regard, as for Rat Year fortunes, that humans tend to AVOID PAIN as opposed to seeking PLEASURABLE GAIN?

So here is a KABOOMER KOACH and blogger (born in a Year of the Snake, incidentally) who is bucking human nature…

And, I implore you to seek pleasure and gain in childlike ways of rather than avoiding pain, senescence, and sarcopenia as losses.

I commend to you THE ATHLETES WAY by Christopher Bergland who eloquently writes about his personal “BIOLOGY OF BLISS.”  If you don’t have time to read THE ATHLETE’s WAY, – SPOILER ALERT!  A big element in his generated BLISS is S W E A T. Yup!

Part of a KABOOMERs success is attributed to control of things that are controllable while coping as best as possible with factors that are beyond her or his control or influence. Here we are, a fortnight before the first Tuesday after the first Monday in an election year. Some of my family members and clients are bummed, to state the least, about matters that are uncontrollably UNblissful. I do sense and feel some of their angst and pain.  And I am parenthetically rooting (not voting often) for my Sister who is running for Vermont’s lone Congressional seat.  Go, Girl! I celebrate her extraness as a real underdog.

What am I doing in a quixotic quest for bliss?


I hum, laugh often, and skip current screen versions of “News” unless Ron Burgundy or a SaturdayNight Live actor is the anchor, that is. I’ll listen to the Capitol Steps rather than talking heads on Sunday mornings. Here’s a MOCK in Democracy listen fer ‘ya…

I move to Sweat 6 days a week.  Ahhh, that’s a pleasure for me!

I draw a warm bath with Epsom salts to let cares drift away. More pleasure and gain!

I walk in the grass – barefoot. I soak in my 20 minutes of el sol for my critical Vitamin D as a healthy immunity booster.

I truly take steps to get an average of 7 hours of restorative sleep each night, every night. NO takeaway or loss here (except for “DAYLIGHT SAVINGS time that is).

I talk to our kids and grandkids whenever possible.

I ask What would Abe Lincoln do?  Anything I face is a tiny SUCK to embrace compared to what he faced in leading a house divided!

With my felicity of age, I can subjectively state that 2020 is MUCH better than 1968 was!

I do try to live a Platinum Rule in which I try to treat another person as she or he wishes to be treated.

Though stubborn, I do try to listen these days more than I speak. Mom was right about my two ears, even with tinnitus rings, being superior to one mouth. She was also right when she reminded me that I could be wrong about something.

In my speechwriter days, I wrote an executive’s speech for a Navy SEAL graduation.  It was hard to skip penning: “the only easy day was yesterday.” And I really wanted to ghostwrite how important it was to make one’s bed. Admiral McRaven beat me to that legendary highlight 🙂

I DO try to give my bride and myself a hug every morning and do a GOOD morning stretch.

In a Vermonter’s terse way of celebration, I, like Robert Frost, can share that

“HAPPINESS makes in Height what it lacks in Length.”

Look up to the Happy Heights!

Be happy…seek the pleasures of a sustainable physical 401K…think Platinum… Don’t let any Bastards get you down.



Koach Dave

End of the Beginning, or…?

We are winding down on National Yoga Month, as well as our fiery, smoky, and abnormally crazy Summer season! More about that marvelous mind-body lifestyle – YOGA –  and its benefits in a bit!

Yet a priority matter. On Friday, our world lost a heroine of small stature yet larger-than-life stamina.  May Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg rest in peace!  I’ll bet that Congressman John Lewis was one of the first to greet her at heaven’s gate.


Always an admirer, I cited her resistance training work in KABOOMER.  Dynamic strength efforts – which in my distant and layman’s opinion –  helped her stave off the big “C” several times. Kudos to her Personal Trainer, Bryant Johnson, too!

Here’s what I offered as a prior tribute in audio and in text,

“An example of dynamic strength
might be Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s
workouts.161 Ladies and Gentlemen, if this 80-something
cancer survivor can work on her dynamic strength, we
“younger folks” should repeat power exertions as well!
May your dynamic (interval) work please the court, Seneca,
and you.

Just click on this link to see our departed Justice in action! 

This bellwether of social justice had a wonderful bond of friendship with her polar-opposite in robes -Judge Antonin Scalia who passed in 2016.  Justice Scalia may have had a heavenly elephant ready for her to begin a Grand Tour of her eternal resting place:

I hereby nominate “RBG” for honorary membership in our KABOOMER Movement.


YOGA? or Qi Gong? or…?  Join Millions of Americans, and gazillions of world citizens who have practiced YOGA for 50 centuries! Click on this link to learn How does yoga work?


Since my own back issues in 2001, I have found many, many mindful YOGA poses and movements to assist me in my journey toward stamininety.

I’ve written that some moves are great to stimulate our lymphatic system.

Am I a believer?  You bet. One example: COBRA moves truly gave me a quality of life until I got my spinal fusion!

Another – Pigeon Poses are awesome hip openers for me to use in my dynamic warmups before rowing.

OTher YOGA moves, with their “ASANA” Sanskrit labels are offered in this linked .pdf document:

PLEASE consider YOGA as part of your toolkit to party past ninety. Balance of Mind and Body is good – yes?

QiGong?  I don’t even pronounce this type of mindful exercise correctly.

Getting its pronunciation right, and trying some Qi Gong moves are on my to-do list. This discipline focuses on the coordination of one’s eye and body movement.

In closing – I offer my unsolicited yet heartfelt plea => PLEASE GET YOUR INFLUENZA [Flu] shot this fall!  Here’s why:

And, I am tardy in saluting “OFF WE GO” Air Force flyboys and girls for their 73rd anniversary.

Be mindful, breathe, get your flu shot, and celebrate the end of summer…


Koach Dave

Rings and Things

Ah, our cooler CALI mornings are wonderful for this morning workout guy. We find a lot of noise in the news about climate change and it’s good noise. Life is constantly changing, so I’m not surprised that 7 billion people impact this fragile earth, our island home as a prayer recites…

We fortuitously find ourselves alive to start another wonderful day to extend our journey towards stamininety. Today’s topic is KABOOMER rings and things. But first, I’ll stand in for Angie Dickinson’s healthy commercials of yesteryear. Would Angie’s body or I lie to you ???

Happy National Avocado Day for fans of natural, healthy fatty acids and micronutrients!

Pictured below is Food for Thought, so to speak:

Rings and Things?  Huh, you ask?

I promised to share what I wear for workouts and most activities of daily life. You might also be ingterested in what I think and do as habit on own journey.

I have NO vested interest in any product or service of which I write.  Honest!  You read this is KABOOMER, which I feel is worth being redundant, redundant.  Fitness and Wellness DO NOT have to be Expensive.  Grab a towel, a non-plastic water bottle and then Move to Sweat! Six Days a week.

I am just trying to let you know these are pretty darn good products. Gear and Products which may save you a little time and effort in your own market research. Research for:

  1. workout gear
  2. smartphone applications
  3. special items  – a new Apple watch, a Fitbit or Oura ring… or Whoop, or…

Oura rings are worn by National Basketball Association players who obviously are very, very concerned about germs and quality of sleep and trends and habits for fitness and wellness.

I wouldn’t be surprised if some Tour de France riders have Oura rings or like devices so that they can monitor the quality of their limited sleep as they overtrain on those staged Hills of Belgium, France, and maybe Spain [I forget which stage is which country].

A marvelous device[IMO]. And, as you might expect, the company homepage speaks of IMMUNITY boosting (and other actionable habits!)

I wear one, per the strong “Gladiator” recommendation of Dan Nitro Clark,

I’m not asking you to go buy one. For one reason, they’re not cheap [though the sticker shock is tantamount to the cheaper Apple Watch SE which just launched]. Yet, insight for my restorative deep sleep patterns and very important training feedback for critical heart rate variability is, I believe, a step above the knowledge that you can gain from some other products.  CAVEAT EMPTOR.

In full and open disclosure, our two wonderful kids nicely gave me a Fitbit watch for a Father’s Day present in 2019.

I wear my Fitbit VERSA with pride. I do use its data and some alarms occasionally. If a watch or smartphone application helps you to move every fifteen minutes – then GREAT!   As the adage goes, an APP doesn’t do the stretch fer ya!

Yet, whatever it may take to get you into periodic: upward-facing dog or Good morning, or a Quad stretch. Or perhaps practice some mindful deep breathing if a Zoom meeting is driving you a little bit batty.

I also share that there are many useful smartphone applications and laptop or tablet applications. Each to her or his own.        I certainly would encourage folks to check freebies first. For instance  – I find that my FitBit watch does not always give an accurate measure of my heartbeat when I am in training. Sometimes it’ll be 2 for three beats. Sometimes just one counted for two actual beats. So,  will always back up what you see on a digital display with your own feedback from your body!  There is a freebie smartphone version of “Instant” HEART RATE (Azumio) which uses a phone’s camera for HR. And there are plenty more.  All you really need to check HR – at an exercise break is a carotid artery, two fingers, and a watch with second hand or a seconds function.  Count your HR for 10 seconds and multiply by 6. Presto – HR!

Like me, you may occasionally sense that a HEART RATE reading isn’t right – based on knowledge and awareness of exertion level.   The best way to accurately monitor heart rate is to use a chest strap.  Yes, the circum-chest band is a little bothersome. I don’t focus on the OURA ring for my heart rate measures during workouts. My ring is not obtrusive. But it may irritate my ring finger partner digits slightly.  And, one shouldn’t wear this great Ring for barbell, dumbbell, kettlebell workouts – even though its shell is titanium.


As Doctor Seuss might suggest, my feet are spreading is I grow older and hopefully as I stand more than “evil” sitting with dormant butt syndrome. Not getting narrower so I definitely want to make sure that the toe boxes of my workout shoes and comfort shoes are big enough. Wiggle room to wiggle your toes. Certainly, you want the proper arch support to hopefully stave off a terrible thing that happens to many of us -plantar fascitis. You’ll know it if you get it, unfortunately, and probably for an extended timeframe of MONTHS! “PI” can pain you for six to nine months!

Hey folks- there are times when I say find a professional. IF you have even an inkling of plantar fasciitis or shin splints from moving on sloping or hard surfaces. Or perhaps your running shoes are a little bit old.

=> please go see a professional! Me? I’m hopefully done with “my” first hand “PI” – fer good!

I usually wear Adidas shoes for indoor rowing, weightlifting, and casual times. In n full and open disclosure, our son is an Adidas employee as he works for Reebok.

I get to try some of the anti-wicking workout clothes that Reebok offers and I wear them with pride such as at the Crash B event. Again, with nothing to gain, I offer you what is comfortable for me.

You want to be comfortable in your workouts and each to his or her own yet.

You are always welcomed to contact me about attire and gear – A contact form is offered below.  KABOOM.

Boomers: fifteen fitness boosters and busters –

Boost – dont bust!  Thanks Parade Magazine!

baby boomers at 65

A gallon of gas costs less than a good cup of coffee, but it seems America still has a serious energy crisis. Boomers—folks 50-plus—who probably should know better, are downing more and more energy drinks to fuel their endeavors or just make it to bedtime. Some are getting more than they bargained for: ER visits due to heavy consumption of energy drinks are up, especially among men over 40. The massive caffeine dump can increase blood pressure and heart rate and even cause symptoms that can be mistaken for a heart attack. Can’t remember where you stashed your energy? Try these expert-endorsed solutions to help you find it again.

1. Buster: Too-big meals  A huge dinner sends blood to the digestive tract and away from muscles and other areas that need it for energy, says Michael F. Roizen, M.D., chief wellness officer at Cleveland Clinic and author of This is Your Do-Over: The 7 Secrets to Losing Weight, Living Longer, and Getting a Second Chance at the Life You Want (Scribner). What’s worse: “Over time, those big meals probably cause damage to mitochondria, the cells’ energy factories,” Roizen says. The sugar dump from a big plate of food produces more cell-damaging free radicals than your natural antioxidant defenses can handle, and your mitochondria may take the hit.

Booster: Smaller snacks Eat throughout the day for ongoing energy. At snack time, don’t just eat pretzels. “Every snack should have complex carbs plus protein,” says Elizabeth Ward, RD, author of several nutrition books. Add peanut butter or cottage cheese to that pretzel break.

2. Buster: Your “bad” bacteria Your gut is home to an array of bacteria, some beneficial, others not. “You eat steak, you change the bacteria inside your gut to those that like steak,” says Roizen. Too many of these “bad” bugs leads to inflammation, which saps energy.

Booster: Probiotics Start taking a probiotic pill, such as Digestive Advantage (available at Walmart and drugstores), every day to repopulate the gut with “good” bacteria, Roizen suggests.

3. Buster: Your older gut People over 50 sometimes have trouble absorbing nutrients, such as B12, from natural sources like red meat. “B12 is involved in nerve conduction, and the central nervous system is involved in feeling fatigued,” Ward says.

Booster: Take supplements or eat fortified grains “It’s recommended that you get the majority of nutrients in fortified foods or as dietary supplements,” says Ward. Roizen suggests half a multivitamin in the morning and half at night to keep the level in your body steady (you lose the soluble vitamins in 12 to 16 hours).

4. Buster: Your meds Sometimes the drugs you take to keep you healthy can have an impact on energy production, says Ward. “Certain diuretics deplete potassium, for example. That can lead to an energy slump,” she says.

Booster: Fill in the gaps with supplements Talk to your doctor. “You’ve got to drill down and find the potential nutrient interactions and compensate,” says Ward.

5. Buster: Lack of protein “I find people, especially women, are really short on their protein. They save it up for dinner,” says Ward.

Booster: Eat protein at every meal and snack “Getting 20 to 30 grams of protein per meal is a very good way to give your body a steady source of amino acids that it needs to build neurotransmitters, which help you to feel in a good mood and more energetic or awake,” says Ward. Her favorite sources of concentrated protein: Greek nonfat yogurt and cottage cheese. Her favorite protein tips:

» Blend cottage cheese and marinara in a blender for creamy, high-protein pasta sauce.

» Mix cottage cheese with fruit, honey and nuts and add to whole-grain toast for a high-protein breakfast.

6. Buster: Your weight Being overweight saps your energy.

Booster: Walnuts before meals Try this: 30 minutes before a meal, have six walnut halves. “That decreases your desire for food because when it hits your intestinal wall, it decreases ghrelin production,” says Roizen. (Ghrelin is a hormone that makes you hungry.)

Bonus: Walnuts contain an amino acid that helps blood vessels dilate for better blood flow.  More blood flow means better delivery of ATP, a coenzyme known as the “energy currency of life,” to muscles, Roizen says.

7. Buster: Sugar Sugars “give you that energy rush, but you’ll pay for it” with an energy crash, says Ward.  “In the long term, sugary food and drinks inhibit your blood flow,” says Roizen. Without good blood flow, nutrients aren’t delivered where you need them for get-up-and-go.

Booster: Complex carbs “Foods rich in complex carbohydrates almost always have vitamins, minerals and fiber in them. Complex carbs take longer to digest, so you get a more even source of energy rather than the sugar rollercoaster,” says Ward.

8. Buster: Alcohol “Alcohol is an energy drainer. You have one or two drinks and you just don’t sleep as deeply,” says Ward.

Booster: Water Skip the booze, and drink more water. Dehydration contributes to fatigue.

9. Buster: Staying up late Not enough Zs leaves you depleted.

Booster: Go to bed one hour earlier Can’t fall asleep? Take 1/2 to 3 milligrams of melatonin, a sleep-inducing hormone supplement, two hours before bed.  Don’t take  more or for more than two weeks at a time, says Roizen.

10. Buster: Your electronics Blue wavelength light can inhibit your body’s natural production of melatonin.

Booster: Banish the blues “Eliminate TVs and cell phones in your bedroom,” Roizen suggests. You can find red wavelength lights that filter out blue light in the hardware store.

11. Buster: A ribose deficiency Ribose is a sugar produced by the body that’s essential for mitochondria to create energy-producing ATP. “Some people with chronic fatigue aren’t making it efficiently,” says Roizen.

Booster:  Ribose supplements Start with 500 milligrams three times a day. Work up to 5 grams total per day, Roizen suggests.

12. Buster: Medical conditions Thyroid dysfunction is one common cause of low energy.

Booster: Get your thyroid checked You’ll need medication if your levels are low.

13. Buster: Too much sitting “Sedentary people typically have lower-than-average energy levels,” says Patrick O’Connor, PhD, a professor in the Department of Kinesiology at University of Georgia.

Booster: Any type of exercise “A single 20- to 40-minute bout of exercise reliably increases feelings of energy,” says O’Connor.

14. Buster: Low-grade infections  Gingivitis and sinus infections are energy zappers.

Booster: Mouth and sinus TLC Get your teeth cleaned twice a year and brush and floss
routinely. If you’re prone to sinus infections, rinse your nasal passages with a Neti pot (a nasal irrigation system that flushes out mucus), Roizen suggests.

15. Buster: Boredom “People are energized when they have fun,” says Roizen.

Booster: Pursue an interest “When we see people who have a lack of energy,” says Roizen, “we ask them two questions: ‘How are you sleeping?’ and ‘What’s your passion?’ If they can’t tell us that second thing, we know that’s one of the things that is needed to get them energized about life.”


Fatigue-zapping tips that really work (WebMD).

1. Magnesium! The recommended daily intake of magnesium is around 300 milligrams for women and 350 milligrams for men. Make sure you’re getting enough…

Click on the WebMD link for nine (9) others…

Yours in wellness,