Actions and Images can speak louder than words

There are certain days in which images and actions mean more – from perceived and objective stances – than words.

Today’s day of remembrance and SERVICE is certainly one (IMO)…

NOT just a quiet Tuesday morning in September 2001…  Our daughter was a Harvard freshman, our son just started his seventh grade semester. As some of you who read the  KABOOMER introduction, or listened, I found myself in London when I heard a BBC anchorwoman say, “The skyline of New York has changed forever.

Folks,  please put three historic Memorial spots on your patriotic bucket list for visits (when we can travel):

  1. Ground Zero (the aftermath of Flights 11 and 175)         


  1. Flight 93’s “let’s rollfinal resting spot in Somerset County, Pennsylvania


  1. Our Pentagon (Flight 77)

Most of us have a haunting image, or images, of man’s inhumanity to man from 09-11-2001.

My mental images started in London, then shifted to Crystal City when I learned than a research sponsor of mine died on Flight 77, along with a Naval Reserve Admiral. The Pentagon was still smoking when I flew into Washington’s National(Reagan) airport on the next Saturday, 9/15/01. I think of Bush #43 saying ” I hear you” on that Ground Zero rubble pile.  I think of one of the most moving books – The Heart of a Soldier by J. Stewart –  I’ve read, and its hero – Rick Rescorla – three times a HERO for the ages! And, I think of many artists who have shared their songs and lyrics with bent but not broken Americans.

I’ll mention just three:

  1. As reported in a WSJ OPED today, Carole King sang “You’ve Got a Friend” to assembled command post watchstanders near New Yor City. Ms. King offered, “I couldn’t sit at home anymore and watch television. I needed to offer you my voice.”


  1. I Won’t Back Down (Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers)


  1. Courtesy of the Red White and Blue (Toby Keith)

Please be one of Keith’s GOOD GUYS/LADIES, be Heartbreaker Resilient, and offer SOMETHING. We have causes galore for which to offer SOMETHING: giving blood, serving on a food line for the hungry in our community, making charitable contributions, reaching out to make a new friend…

Your Koach?

  • 9-11-20 began with mindful time to remember those fallen and to cheerlead for a United and peaceful nation.
  • I gratefully donated to the Pentagon Memorial Fund.
  • And with a day of grace, I’ll volunteer time tomorrow to help others learn rowing and clean a coastal area of San Diego Bay.

Dying words of Captain John Miller to Private Ryan at a different time are still germane for us as 9-11 survivors and never-forgetting thankful, “James, Earn This.”

Respectfully – with places to go and SOMETHINGS worthy to do,


Monday, Monday so good to me

KABOOMERS may remember the Mamas and the Papas’ song: Monday Monday.

Or perhaps CARPENTERS’ Rainy Days and Mondays.

Despite others’ views, I claim that Mondays offer awesome ways to invest 14.3% of my life.

As part of my Monday routine, I try my amateur hand at poetry (after all, I claim Robert Frost as a forbear).

Here is today’s attempt,


There once was a bat in Wuhan,

Which somehow contacted a man,

Bad crown virus – meant hospitals gowned,

And started pandemic go-round.

Let’s get back to working again!

With spring upon us, flowers poppin’ and birds chirpin’ I hope that KABOOMERS can honor PHYSICAL DISTANCING, yet enjoy vital social connections at any distance.

Be well,

Koach Dave

Triskaidekaphobia -NOT !

This wacky workweek of pestilence and panic ends on… Friday the 13th.

I’m not a superstitious soul, yet lots of folks do trend that way today. How did unlucky Fridays evolve?

– Was it Jesus of Nazareth’s Last supper with 13 present?

– Or a Middle Ages panic of Knights Templar burned at stakes – with resultant misfortune to those who wrong’ed ’em?

Whatever the roots of bad luck and superstition:

° I admire folks who tend toward luckiness – in games of chance and life outcomes.  Not being one of those fortunate sons, I accept my role in creating my own breaks.

Time for making lemonade, I say!

I don’t place high credence on Horoscopes.  Yet today’s triskaidekaphobia note for Pisces folks like me) stated,

“Today offers a prime combination of calm stability and exciting chaos, partly due to the characters in my life. .  .”

And what a cast of characters!

This crisis will pass and the sun should raise tomorrow ( on Pi Day).

Is FEAR false expectations appearing real to you?

Or Face Everything and Rise?


I choose the later!  How about you?


Be well and make your own lemonade and breaks – every day.



Master Mind and Matter in our interesting times!

3/11 can seem like 9/11 to many.

Fit as hit the proverbial Shan!

I recall a Chinese proverb that made rounds in our “last great” panic of 2008:


These days are most assuredly INTERESTING and anxious.

What’s on my mind? What am I doing to cope with CoVID-19 issues?

These are my TOP 10s for COVID-19 coping:

    1. Staying as fit as I can, without OVER training.
    2. Trying NOT to be obtuse about contact.
      1. If Tom Hanks can get the CoVID – so can I.
        1. Yet I want my constitution to be as hearty as possible if I go “viral.”
    3. Getting my restorative sleep.
    4. Getting lots of Vitamin D3 and fresh air.
    5. Doing wipe downs of most physical surfaces.
    6. Playing Doctor by scrubbing my paws – for at least 20 seconds.
    7. Praying for warmer, moister weather (and for my neighbors).
    8. Breathing.
    9. Laughing, even if it’s [temporarily] gallows humor:
      1. See what VOX offers for silly strengths.
      2. A Secretary of State advised for primary ballots: ”

        “Whether healthy or sick, please don’t lick!”

    10. Looking to buy equities on this impressive bearish market “dip”.

✔This TOO shall pass. Ben Graham, Ben Franklin, our CDC and I say so…

“No gains without pains.”
– Poor Richard’s Almanack, 1745

Invest in YOU, rather than Speculate about what you can’t control!

Should you desire at-home “isolated” exercises to help mind and matter whenever and wherever– just let me know (email to

Stay Well Past Forty,

Dave Frost

Gosh darn it, another time change #$%^

Spring Ahead – oy! 2 AM on March 8th, 2020 is almost here.  Goodbye to a precious hour when we could mimic Morpheus and say nice things about our

Most Americans face their standard and daylight “savings” time changes with a bit of concern for a good cause, as shared by reporter Catie Wegman of the Treasure Coast Palm:

“Throwing that biological clock out of sync has adverse health effects, including increased risk of heart attack and ischemic strokeaccording to a 2019 study from Vanderbilt University Medical Center.

According to a University of Colorado 2014 study, the Monday morning after “springing forward” raised the risk of having a heart attack by 25%. “

So what can a KABOOMER do to avoid “clocking out”?  [I envy you who live in Arizona or Hawaii]!

Five not-so-easy, yet not-too-hard steps should help ya:

  1. Dim your lights earlier on Saturday night, and open those window shades as early as possible to say “good morning sunshine…”
  2. Sleep in a bit on Sunday the 8th.  Catch a nappuccino that afternoon to stay fresh.
  3. Snack right – with complex carbs and a bit of protein to help avert sleep zombies and energy valleys until you adjust.
  4. Stay hydrated.  Remember that dehydration and fatigue are directly linked!
  5. Measure your caffeine drinks.  Moderate.

This too shall pass, or you can move to Arizona or Hawaii…

Be well, AND rested, even when the #$%$^ time changes.



Think of our Body Cells as Cities

Complex ideas – like cellular functions – can be simplified with relational stories…

Here is one story  for such complexity from Stanford professor Laura Weinstein:

” in our bodies, we have trillions of cells, and each of these cells are like tiny little individual cities. And within these cities, we have factories, which are the mitochondria. And the job of these factories is to take the oxygen we breathe and the food we eat and convert it to energy.

The problem is that, often, our factories face oxidative damage from toxins and environmental stressors. And this sets the factory walls on fire. The factory walls are made of this delicate wood and easily set on fire. But that’s okay because, normally, our — we have antioxidants. We have a process for putting out the fire and rebuilding the factory walls.

But what happens as we age, for some of us, is we become less efficient at this process. And so essentially, the fires become much bigger than the firefighters in our body can handle. And so the fires become out of control. The factory goes down, and then the entire city goes down. And this is why we see the symptoms of Alzheimer’s, for example…”

Treat your efficient city-living well as you age!



J-Lo, Shakira and KABOOMER cores

Most Ground Hog’s Day viewers of TV noticed two energetic Gen Xers named Jennifer Lopez and Shakira in the halftime of Super Bowl LIV.

So what’s my relevant point or points about their high energy motion and even pole-dancing?


Amidst the smoke but NO mirrors was a glance at what our KABOOMER cores can do with practice.

Our lumbo-pelvic-hip-complexes (LPHCs) are pivotal to many, many motions in our lives. Up, down, sideways and twisting motions. Sure, you can leave the pole work and play to others.  Yet you should not leave your core unattended. No way, no how.

A NY Times writer, Tara Parker-Pope, offered after that Miami halftime,

“it’s good to remember what healthy living and healthy aging is really about…” (and this is NOT about what others can do). In her words and mine, living long and living well is about one’s being “aware of and making choices toward a healthy and fulfilling life. Wellness is more than being free from illness; it is a dynamic process of change and growth.”

Now, back to our KABOOMER LPHCs as darned important enablers for living long and living well. Enablers for change and growth.

° Psoas, IO and TVAs !!

Strange names indeed for our  deep core muscles which serve to corset our midsection, flex our hips and stabilize our spines…

  • Sore lower back? Do an Oyster move or a happy Baby routine on the floor.

Strengthening your deep core often makes you a spry person in gym years.

  • Loins ache? Flex those hips with hip raises and standing hip cradles.
  • Dormant butt? Bird dog and dirty dog (fire hydrant) moves will help activate your Glutes.

For general twist and shout core work, invest in your World’s Greatest Stretches.  Jo Lo and Shakira probably do.

Be well, in this month for American Heart Health and in every month.

And be good to your core.


Koach Dave