[April 2020] Please remember – in the midst of Lockdown for this Spring pestilence – that WE will persevere and overcome CoVID-19 – TOGETHER.

To do my part (as a CoVid Work-From-Home [WFH] dude), I post my own public service announcements for your thought and action.

I intend to make this a growing, L O O N G list! After all, size may matter.


[I do NOT have any dog in the commercial fight for products or companies cited].

    1. I offer five key Immunity-boosting steps for all in this Infographic.
    2. A borrowed Ballad for true grit in CoVid times like this – Here on Viral Isle.
    3.  An informative PROBIOTIC Guide from non-profit As I wrote in KABOOMER, I’ve had respected MDs advise that most folks can get adequate probiotics from healthy lifestyle diets. Your Doc and you should be judge and jury for “GUT” matters.  These are muy importante!                                                       
      via GIPHY
    4. A CDC report for healthy aging in action.
    5.  Dancing and Dementia?
    6. Resistance Training Works for Stamininety – be Strang!
    7. Get sleepy and Mimic Morpheus.
    8. My TOP Wellness Books (as of 2020) to stay well past forty – stay tuned!
    9. D.R.E.S.S. for Health Success
    10. “Polydrugs”, Drugs and Age 2018
    11. Risk Factors for Exercise Readiness (NFPT)
    12. Sex in our Sixties and later?! But wait, there is much morejust ask KABOOMER  Suzanne Somers
    13. Mister “T” tests – testosterone
    14. Only 52%, Cancer, Knees, Longevity for “ordinary” boomers vs extraordinary KABOOMERS
    15. Free Nutrition Consultation
    16. BMR Estimator (
    17. Much better than BMI, a Waist to Hip Calculator(with health implications!)
    18. Wee Wonders – these vital vitamins
      19. Unhealthy Metabolic Syndrome – clean eating offsetsmetabolicsyndromeremedies_organic facts dot net

20. Viva your VagusHummmmm (honest!) Via our VAGUS

21. More Micros are Mandatory – Minerals!

22. Macro-nutrients – good and NOT!


23. Cooking in COLOR

24. Chillin’ Infographic – STRESS-NOT!

fight stress infographic

25.  Thriving and Striving!

Male Guitarist_Female Weightlifter_dreamstime_m_111348077

26. Oil up the Tin Man (Stretching to avoid Gluteal Amnesia)office stretches_gluteal amnesia_infographic-thumbnail

27. Stability as KABOOMER Accident Insurance. Practice your Sit-Rise-Stand Move!

28. Paleolithic Lifestyle Planner(Paleohack)

29.  Enjoy Lemons and Lemon Water! (And try to make lemonade in tough modern times UNlike Phil Dunphy in his Modern Family).


31. #Snoredtodeath  Sleep Apnea hurts HEARTS by increasing the risk of:

H – heart failure
E – elevated blood pressure
A – atrial fibrillation (A-fib)
R – resistant hypertension
T – Type 2 diabetes
S – stroke

32.  FAT Facts from our Am. Heart Asociation


33. Be a Lean Livin’ Machine!  Thanks, Precision Nutrition for this infographic!

34. IMMUNITY BOOSTing Tips – in times good and not-so-good…

35.  The Truth About FAT (NOVA) – Dr. Sylvia Tara.

36. What are STEM CELLS?

37. A HYPERTENSION InfoGraphic from Oregon State U.

38. Funny, yet NOT so Funny Cartoons about CARDIOvascular Health

39. Low Testosterone Questionnaire [ADAM]

40. CNN’s Candy Bar Nutrition (?!)

Stay tuned for more GRATIS Goodies…


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