What’s In It for You?

The short answer is – IT DEPENDS. If you truly want to add life to your years and years to your life – there IS a big “WHAT?” for you.

Or if you are content to be an average Boomer, the “WHAT?” is more limited.  The choice is yours.

It is purpose and passion that stimulated Dave to become a Master Fitness Trainer after his many volunteer efforts support Wounded Warrior athletes in Rowing.

That won’t be the last time you’ve read about rowing – after all, it is the most intense Olympic sport.


It is that same purpose and passion that pushes Dave to address distressing societal trends toward obesity and adult diabetes.

He can’t change the world, yet he can help you favorably change your world!

First – it’s good for you, as prospective “Journeyers”, to learn a wee bit about the lead Wellness Coach and Master Fitness Trainer at Well Past Forty.

  • Dave Frost was a “boomer” who wanted to slow the degradation of his vital functions and wellness as long as possible.  He knew that 15-day uber programs for 6-pack ripples or elimination of muffin-tops just don’t work.  Like many of you, he faced life issues. His issues were a sleep disorder, spinal fusion, and melanoma.

Dave asserts that almost every Baby Boomer’s journey can be a leaner, fitter one with successful habits, motion, and sweat. In essence, Dave is committed to helping a subset of Boomers – called KaBoomers- live longer and better lives with robust physical 401K accounts.  Yes – they can!

If you’d like a Medicare-aged “peer” to work with you on your journey to wellness and to party past ninety – Koach Dave may well be that guy.

He captained the US Naval Academy Crew in 1975 and received the Academy’s Rusty Callow Award.

He ran distances and loved his sub- 3 hour Marathon “PR”  before a L5-S1 herniated disc brought his distance running to an end.

The blurry image of “Old Goats” runner Dave was due to his footspeed – undoubtedly.

D marathoner

That defining moment (in 2001) is described in the opening words of his new book, by the way…

His post-surgery road traveled, his experiences gained and his coach’s passion to share what he has learned were stimuli for Well Past Forty.

He is still a pretty fit individual as an elite Masters Rower with recent World indoor rowing and FISA World Masters Regatta victories.  Yes – Rowing is a different sport – with Hammers being winners’ blings…

DF Championships 2018

Are you ready to KaBoom?