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Our Kountdown Klock for KABOOMER AUDIOBOOKs is past-tense. 

Your  NEW RELEASE audiobook is now available on Audible.com, iTunes, and other audiobooks “stores.”

=> Audible offers almost five minutes of KABOOMER‘s introduction – What’s a KABOOMER anyway?  Enjoy the freebie… Then… see what Baby Boomster Rebecca offers about the audio KABOOMER.

Why not grab your audio copy to listen ANYWHERE (or nearly so)?


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For my Audio Listeners – these are your Figures, Images, and Tables in “print form” to complement your listening time.


Kindle Readers may now get your e-BOOK and start to KABOOM!

Final Cover KABOOMER 032620

June 16th, 2020 was L-Day for your Paperback copy. Others are JOINING the MOVEMENT – Are you Ready?


Your Koach hopes that you will highlight sections, dog-ear pages, and SHARE this hot selling paperback!

Enjoy this snippet of KABOOMER while you await your copy:

KABOOMER: Thriving and Striving into your 90s asserts
that age 70 can be your new 40. And that 90 years young
is a perfect partying age. Yes, I offer solid evidence that you
can face aging effects head-on and slow aging processes for
both your body and your mind. Yes, you can maintain lean
skeletal muscle and party past 90. You can stay flexible and
balanced to avert deadly falls. You can eat clean and construct
your very own “geroprotection”¹ anti-aging policy. You
can deal better with the little and not-so-little stresses of life.
And you can enjoy your rightful restorative and restful sleep.²
Yes, you can!
Have a look at titular themes for determined folks who intend
Details behind our word-cloud themes and I (as your KABOOMER
Koach) will habitually help you add years to your life
and quality life to your years. With my decades of experience
and expertise, I can show you seven ways to party past 90
in protracted and productive KABOOMER ways. This tailored
wellness project is for those of us born between 1946 and
1964—like Dolly Parton, Bruce Springsteen, former Governor
Arnold Schwarzenegger—and most importantly, like you.

Trust me. Rise up, party on like these two of our partying
Let’s begin our KABOOMER journey with its bedrock component,
Stamina, for stayin’ alive.


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  • Classy KABOOMER APRONS and JOIN the MOVEMENT Coffee Mugs are also available.
  • Some lucky folks will benefit from “invitation only” webinars by Koach Dave.
  • Some will receive a fitness accessory that Koach Dave uses in his own regimens.
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Many folks and organizations are eligible to Join the Movement via special discounts.

For the balance of 2020, these Communities of Practice that intersect with the KABOOMER author and Koach, Dave Frost, are eligible:

  1. U.S. Naval Academy Classmates (1975). All KABOOMER sales commissions for paperback and e-Book will be donated to the US Naval Academy Foundation through 2020.
    via GIPHY
  2. Each paperback Book sale (up to 100) to an active member of US Rowing will result in a $5.00 donation to the US Rowing Foundation to support its vital America Rows or Freedom Rows projects.
  3. Any rower or coxswain who had true grit to row in a Crew shell with me is eligible for a complimentary e-version of KABOOMER.

– This eligibility is gratefully extended to all my former and current Crew coaches.

     4.   Manasquan High School, Classmates of 1971 are eligible for a complimentary e-version of KABOOMER. This applies to the first 71 MHS Grads who contact me below.

5. Vietnam era veterans and disabled veterans in San Diego County.  You choose your complimentary version of KABOOMER if you consider joining our local chapter of FREEDOM ROWS.

– For our uniformed heroes and veterans living elsewhere, I will donate $2.50 per book sale to a vetted non-profit Veterans’ organization.

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