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Well Past Forty’s initial infomercial was a 1-minute trailer for our

7 Munificent steps to be Well Past Forty.

Since then, we started sharing other KLIPS list to help viewers gain confidence in steps for their MOTION as MEDICINE…

1. Koach Dave is “That Guy” in a television spot for indoor rowing:

  • Thanks to Row House Solana Beach and to Ashley Jacobs (KFMB TV) for sharing my sport and indoor rowing technique.

2. Dave luckily competed in the National Indoor Rowing Championship (CRASH-Bs) before CoVID lockdown fell. This 1-minute clip from US Rowing gives a viewer the sense of a TOUGH event!

3. A nice ‘Lil Get-you-Day-started pump (at a safe social distance from other monkeys that is :). Right –  Your wakeup Monkey Pump

4. Speaking of Pumps – for desk jockeys and others who need to work out imbalances of their back and neck – try a “Y-T-W” routine as you are “W F H” – working from home…

5. When medically cleared, compound stretch and stability moves like this aptly named “World’s  Greatest Stretch”  should become part of your physical 401(k)!

6. Compound strength, stability and stretching moves like this

Turkish Get Up (with a weight!) are also great physical 401(k) investments for you!

7. Listen to Koach Dave’s AK-67 Podcast (Episode 1-4.1) which outlines Mind-Body Alignment (or MBA).

8. Who will win the $1 Billion contest?  Your AK-67 podcast discusses lifespan and healthspan. These two KABOOMER spans should alert everyone as our population ages!

9. Don’t Go Down in Flames!  Your next AK-67 podcast discusses our bodies’ seesaw balancing acts for anti-inflammatory and pro-inflammatory messengers – cytokines.


You obviously don’t want a “cytokine storm” triggered by CoVId or another infectious disease.  Yet, KABOOMERS do NOT want slow decay caused by inactivity (and chronic C6 cytokine inflammation) either. KABOOMERS move to sweat to trigger the right flow of anti-inflammatory C-10! And they eat clean, anti-inflammatory foods. Modern research documents INFLAMED cells as contributors to NON-infectious disease. Who wants that unfavorable seesaw?  Be well.

10. Micronutrition – Good things for Thriving and Striving come in Tiny amounts, too. A 26-minute AK-67 podcast about Micronutrients should help KABOOMER absorb what “tiny” minerals, vitamins, and phytocompounds they need!

11. Listen to the Monroe Institute’s acoustic approach for Super Sleep:

Let your Sleep Train leave with Morpheus ALL ABOARD!

12. More “KLIPS” for your consideration are …

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