Koaching KaBoomers

As a Master NFPT Fitness Trainer and Group Rowing Coach, I am immersed in one-to-one, plus one-to-few and one-to-many interactions with my clients.

My current clients range from middle-school age to lead Baby Boomers in their mid-70s.

Book Launchers and I are hustling on my first non-fiction specialty book, which should be released in early CY2020.  The focus of my work is on my experiential and researched/practiced lessons for those Baby Boomers who wish to KaBoom.

Aha – what does KaBoom mean?  Great query!

KaBoom means that generational peers of mine intend to live better and to live longer than most boomers.

KaBoomers will likely “party past ninety!”

We call those overall KaBoomer efforts “stamininety” in my upcoming book, and @ stamininety.com.

A short cartoon is offered to let you examine the seven (7) elements needed to party past ninety.

⇒ Strength, stability, stamina, stretching, sustenance, sound sleep and stress(not)

Here’s the munificent 7 link: https://youtu.be/RY97BZ9Z83c.

Every one of us is an athlete.  Let me, as your KaBoomer Koach, help you awaken your “athlete within.” Almost every one of us has a ding or two that we’ve gotten along the way.  Let’s overcome our dings and form lasting habits for KaBoomer success.  I don’t suggest that this is an easy peasy journey.  I do advocate that a KaBoomer invest in his or her physical 401K.  Think about that…

In stride with our book launch in 2020, Well Past Forty, LLC will lead weekend seminars and extend its online presence to awaken more and more prospective KaBoomers in our country, and in other nations too.  Stay tuned. As Ed Sullivan used to say on Sunday night TV, “we have a really big show” to come.

Don’t miss it.

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