Stretch out (Contact and Join up)

Business is all about finding a need and filling it well.

You are the reasons why I’m a small businessman.  You deserve a bespoke, tailored action plan to gain stamininety. To better your odds to party past nine.

Well Past Forty exists to help fine folks establish and maintain their healthy habits, no matter what physical nicks and/or  “yes buts” they may have. Normal health and wellness are for others.  KABOOMing is for you – yes?

Well Past Forty LLC has its physical presence in sunny San Diego, CA. Yes – zip codes DO matter for health and fitness, by the way.

– We’ll start out-of-area seminars and visits in mid-late 2020 so that others can meet this KABOOMER Koach up close and personal.

We make use of modern tech to personalize on-line encounters. Think Zoom for videoconferencing, MailChimp for customer relations management, and

We maintain social media sites – Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, and Linkedin.

We will begin podcasting before New Year 2021, so stay tuned…

Keeping your convenience in mind, we offer invoicing and online payment systems when you feel that Well Past Forty earned your valuable business.

These are benchmark rates per hour, by the way.

Group seminar rates are negotiated separately. We honor Veteran, military, Medicare and other special categories too – so do stretch out to learn of your pricing package.

Well Past Forty Services
In-person Training $55.00 USD
Online Coaching $39.00 USD


Please stretch out when you are ready to start your journey for thriving and striving.


Phone: +1 858.925.3895

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