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15 Superfoods for Boomers

AARP slides for 15 Superfoods These foods help protect eyes, lungs, heart and brain as we age. Some superfoods, like apples, are well-known. Fava beans?  Not so much. Dark chocolate – works for me! Yours in wellness, Dave Frost

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We Boomers are What we Eat . . .

Please consider these anti-aging food hints from biotrustnews.com: “Reader Question:  I just turned 40 and more than ever want to do everything I can to slow the aging process.  I’ve heard about anti-aging nutrients, but I’m not sure what foods … Continue reading

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How are your absorbed Anti-oxidant levels?

    Ah – the anti-oxidant paradox, as recently cited in the Atlantic Magazine . . .  No matter how you ingest and absorb the many anti-oxidants we should get from regular BALANCED diets in a perfect world; higher levels … Continue reading

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Moms were right – eat your vegetables

Thanks Moms! A review of this link suggests that our sainted Moms knew best: http://pages.shanti.virginia.edu/ollibesmart/good-news/ . And the VERITAS folks at Harvard offer this “Healthy Eating Plate” as a good reminder on Mother’s Day and EVERY DAY ref: http://www.hsph.harvard.edu/nutritionsource/)!

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