Lessons Learned & Client Feedback


Roberta K. “Dave is a great instructor. Calm, knowledgeable and just plain comfortable to be with. HIGHLY recommended. My husband and I, well past forty ourselves, really enjoyed the experiences.”

Michelle Y. “Fantastic trainer!”

Rohit V: “Dave is amazing! We have been now training with Dave for a few months and feel a great difference in strength, stability, and stamina. Dave motivates us and makes it fun to train by changing activities and bringing new tools to use. We love working with him and will be his clients for a looooong time.”

Kathie W: “Dave has been very patient, and his workouts are very doable. He motivates you to want to continue working out on your own because you are not overly sore or in pain. Excellent trainer for the older generation!

Carolyn D.: “Dave is a true professional. He has given me a very challenging workout routine as well as great advice on nutrition and lifestyle changes to achieve my goals.”

Shammi K.: “I absolutely loved my training sessions with David at Well Past Forty. It’s so hard to find such genuine people in today’s world. David truly cared and still cares for my well-being. He is a very professional person who not only helped me achieve my fitness goals but also educated me on how to have a healthy and balanced life. I would highly recommend his services to anyone who is looking for a dedicated and diligent personal trainer.”

Robin C: “I had a great time working out with Dave! He created inventive, enjoyable workouts tailored to me! He pushed my (presupposed) limits advancing me to my fitness goals. Since working out with Dave I gained the endurance to start running again and have completed 3 Half Marathons!”

Sameer V.: “Dave offers great personal training sessions! He understands the needs and special circumstances of his clients extremely well. Always sincere, positive and encouraging, he also has a great attitude for this job! He truly cares about the well-being of his clients!”

Lakshmi R.: “Dave tailors a workout to your level and really pushes you just enough. He’s super knowledgeable about health, workouts and healthy eating. Really happy to have found him.”

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