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Sure, most Master Fitness Trainers [like me] assert what the Four Tops did, “And I’ll be there, you can always depend on me.”

I’ll Be There!  

Why not validate what I can offer to comfort YOU on your journey to party past ninety.  To Thrive and Strive, whatever your physical condition or medical challenge may be.  Reach Out!

   Stay Well Past Forty!

Whenever, however – your first consultation is a NO STRINGS attached freebie. Trust Me.

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On any day which ends in a “y” Koach Dave Frost can be found training others, teaching learners of all ages, moving to sweat, or doing charitable work for both wounded warriors and under-served youth.

For his R&R, Dave enjoys the Vitamin D offered by Southern California weather while rowing competitively or trail-hiking, serving as Grandpa Frosty, or sharing sea stories with his service pals and US Naval Academy alumni.

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He also writes academic papers about 21st-century workplaces and knowledge workers as those most valuable players.

Koach Dave wrote KABOOMER: Thriving and Striving into your 90s  for a serious and committed subset of Baby Boomers, keying on his personal experiences and professional expertise. He is a Master Fitness Trainer, an award-winning adjunct professor, a proud grandfather, a world-ranked oarsman, and a communications expert. Many moons ago, he was an Eagle Scout, a 5-gallon Blood Donor, an Outstanding College Athlete of America (1975), and a decorated naval officer in Cold War days.

Yes, he is a mid-cycle baby boomer. But more, he chooses to do those “little bits extra” to better his chances to party past 90. This book is his “talk the walk” almanac to help many others on their own journeys past Medicare age.

Be a KABOOMER too!

Please click over to this AMAZON author’s page to learn more about Dave’s life and work:

Or – watch this TRAIN the Trainer video to get a feel for Dave’s KOACHing:

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