Super-age with KABOOMER vitality and make the most of your encore years!

Meet Dave Frost, Your Super-Aging Koach

Master fitness trainer and gold medalist in world masters rowing, Dave helps awaken your “athlete within.”

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Baby Boomer, the party of your golden years is just getting started! So why is your vitality and quality of life slowing you down?

Poor physical fitness, disease, and stress can make you feel well past your prime. It’s tough to enjoy your encore years while suffering from drained energy and health, diminished cognitive capacity, and stifled sexual health. Whatever your age, fitness level, or medical condition, it’s time to invest in your physical bank and super-age with KABOOMER Stamininety!

Super-age for added Longevity and Vitality!

Take two steps at a time, not two pills at a time!

Discover effective strategies, practical steps, and valuable resources for your Well Past 40 anti-aging journey.


This science-driven, sweat-proven guide will coach you toward a healthy lifestyle

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Boomers will grow old…but KABOOMERS will thrive, strive, and party past ninety!

A KABOOMER is an ageless “never quit tryin’” Dolly Parton. A KABOOMER is a “boss” Bruce Springsteen. With help from Koach Dave, you’ll become a KABOOMER, too!

  • Better Physical Banking: Personalized, effective habits to build your body’s 401(k) account to live better, longer.
  • STAMININETY Strategies: The secrets for good-to-great stamina, strength, stability, and stretching.
  • Live-to-100 Diet: Clean nutrition to get lean, boost immunity, and battle illness.
  • Movement as Good Medicine: Exercises to fight pain and limit cognitive decline – better than a pharmacy.

Are you ready to KABOOM? Schedule a free consultation with Koach Dave now!

Are you hitting your golden years, but feeling way past your prime?

Say 👋 to your new super-aging companion.

KABOOMER: Thriving and Striving into your 90s.

Our Movement will help committed folks to be on the lively side of this KNOCK KNOCK:


Who’s There?

A Baby Boomer and a KABOOMER.

A Baby Boomer and KABOOMER Who?

A Boomer who may take two pills at a time and

a KABOOMER who takes steps two at a time!

Join us, if you ascribe to this longevity formula: Exercise is greater and better than > PolyPharmacy Drugs!

If not now, WHEN?

“If you want to go far, go together.”

African proverb

Koach Dave is on call to Help YOU go Farther, Faster, and Live Better! KABOOM.

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