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Seventy-five million Americans and many more in other lands were born between 1946 and 1964.  A majority of us Americans in this “baby boomer” generation are Medicare-aged.  Too many of “us” are stressed, overweight, poor sleepers, and in Extremis for falling! Too many of us have “poor” physical and mental portfolios.

What’s a boomer to do?  Move to Sweat, and …

Become that extraordinary, committed woman or man (of almost any physical condition or life circumstances) to gain STAMININETY.

Add quality life in your years while adding years to your life.

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And… don’t forget that Movement is Good Medicine!

Note: Your Koach doesn’t ignore the wellness wants of needs of America’s other demographic age groups – PROMISE!  After all, Well Past Forty was started in 2012 to address fitness and wellness enablers for  Teens through trusted Elders.


What’s a KABOOMER anyway?

You can listen firsthand to what makes a KABOOMER more than a normal boomer.


“A KABOOMER is an ageless “never quit tryin’” Dolly Parton. A KABOOMER is a “boss” Bruce Springsteen. Most importantly, a KABOOMER could be you.

  • Do you ask, “Why not?” rather than question “Why?” when an opportunity arises?
  • Do you stretch for golden rings as “little extras” in your circle of life?
  • Do you tell friends and strangers that “I may get older, but I do not get old!”?
  • Do you wither not, eat clean, move, stretch, and get your earned Z’s?
  • Do you build your physical 401(k) account to live better as you live longer?

If not you, who? If not soon, when will you start to KABOOM?”

KABOOMER: Thriving and Striving into your 90s.

Our Movement will help committed folks to be on the lively side of this KNOCK KNOCK:


Who’s There?

A Baby boomer and a KABOOMER.

A Baby boomer and KABOOMER Who?

A boomer who may take two pills at a time and

a KABOOMER who takes steps two at a time!

Join us, if you ascribe to this lively formula:  Exercise is greater and better than > PolyPharmacy Drugs!

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If not now, WHEN?

“If you want to go far, go together.”

African proverb

Koach Dave is on call to Help YOU GO Farther, Faster and Live Better! KABOOM.

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